Easy Christmas Decorating





As some of you may of read already Christmas as such has not official entered our house.
No big green tree.
No normal red green and gold.
No tangles of lights.
No boxes of dusty decorations to sort.

I have changed the colours this year to Blue & Silver.
A fresh new change for this very traditionist.
I am also skipping the entire full Christmas decorations.

Elegant. Simple. Minimal.

I have created these Vases of Christmas. Heres how…
A vase, or any large glass item.
A mixture of required coloured decorations in varied sizes.
A string of AA battery powered Christmas lights.

Beautiful in the day and very classy by night. Looks a million dollars.

We also have a small silver tree with blue decorations on it. We are also making Christmas chains using blue & silver wrapping paper and staples.. Christmas is then complete..

What is your Christmas decorating tip??


3 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Decorating

  1. Love it! Great idea. Also, where did you get the “family” word from? I’ve only seen smaller type ones in DFO. Thanks đŸ™‚

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