An angel sent to teach

Yesterday was the party day for our daughtets Grade 1 class. It was fun. It was loud. It was filled with great home made treats. It had plenty of gifts shared around.

It was also filled with saddness, gratitude & many tears.

This year we have watched the transformation of our little girl from 1 who would cry before school, cry on a Sunday night as school was tomorrow & really a little girl who would always ask or say… Please mummy can I just hang out with & not go to school… To a young girl who now has a LOVE for school, an interest in reading & cant wait to go so she can tell us what she did each day.

There is no right or wrong – her prep teacher & her should never of met. They were at different poles to each other. This entire process made returning to school one HUGE battle. She was crush.

At the start of every year it is new friends, new rooms & new teachers. Her teacher was an older new grad (still younger than me). This teacher really was sent to us to look after our girl & to ensure her views on school were nothing but the best.

The kindest soul. Patient. Caring. Understanding. Creative. Most of all nurturing. She took time to listen & talk to each students stories every morning. Her door was always open. Morning or afternoon she would give you any time you needed to speak with her.

I do know that all good things must come to an end. I do know that we can never keep teachers forever. But this teacher changed our world. She made school have a purpose. She regained the faith & hope that was lost. She was our daughter angel sent to teacher her.

I watched with endless tears streaming down my cheeks the ten minute movie she had made for her kids – our kids. The time & effort put into making this gift to them would of been huge. They each got a copy of this. Starting with their first day, all the school events, their efforts, their dressups, & their friends.

She took on this entire class as her own. Making their lives important in her own as her life had become important with the kids. She shared events, stories & efforts with each of her kids – our kids. She knew what was happening at home. She would ask about household happening when you saw her. She was a huge part of her kids lives also sharing stories about her up coming wedding, her holidays & even to the point of getting her partner to bring a police car to school to surprise the kids.

As I write this I once again have tears rolling down my cheeks. I am the worst at goodbyes but also for the following;
I am not sure our kids will ever experience a teacher like this ever again as she really touched souls. Everyones souls. You dont often meet someone like this with such amazing passion for what they do. It extended past the kids onto us parents.

I dont ever think people truely get the impact they can make on others. This lady will be one I will forever keep alive in my daughters heart & memories. She save our daughters soul. To see my husband hug her and tell her we really appreciated what she had done for us said it all.

Good Luck Miss Nolan.. Safe travels & we hope to see you again.


One thought on “An angel sent to teach

  1. Bless you for sharing this beautiful and very personal story. I truly believe this teacher was meant to be part of your daughters and accordingly your lives

    As we go through life we are blessed to have a few friends for life and also many people come into our lives (as did this truly inspiring young teacher) when it is time to learn a lesson on life and then they are gone … However leaving us with lessons and experiences learnt … Some good some bad however all needed so we can evolve as the people we are meant to be living out our lives as they are meant to be lived

    I do hope this wonderful teacher will be the first of such people (excluding the most important which are you and your spouse which goes without saying ) to grace your daughters young life and that she will be blessed with many many earth angels in her life

    May all your days be filled with joy and your home filled with love and laughter

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