Teachers Christmas Gift



Christmas hadnt even started in our house. Normally the 1st of December with out fail – out comes the tree, we laugh & giggle around the stress that December brings. In fact there has never been a year that this has not occured. It is never missed.

Not this year. We have no tree up. The most I have is my vase of decorations which I will do another post about once Christmas does actually begin here. I have not thought about presents. But for once this is laying easy with me as choice I have made so far not from being too busy.

With the end of school for our daughter hours away, yesterday we went looking for a gift for her teacher. This teacher has made the world of difference to our soul crush preppy who didnt even want to start grade 1 thanks to last years teacher (another different story). Her report card was great & reflected the live if school she has developed this year. So I wanted something that her teacher would remember her by as we will off this teacher.

I found this beautiful silver ornament at Mister Minute. When DH & I spent our 1st Christmas together 15 yrs ago we knew it was forever & WE brought 1 of these and to this day we still put it on our tree every year. A GREAT memory.

So with this I got engraved on it
Grade 1
& her name

This cost me a total of $18. Her teacher will now have a memory on her tree each and every year of our daughter & the grade she taught.

What is your teacher gift?


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