Christmas Wish List ~ Item 6



Tonight after 6 months of boxes, renovations, builders & tradies greeting me each morning in my pj’s, cement dust…. Have I ever mentioned the cement dust!!! Things in random places.. This list is endless…

Well tonight our house is almost back to being a home. It started to sparkle once the vaccum came out. I then re vaccumed before the lounge went in. Re vaccumed after dinner. Infact you would think I had never seen clean tiles before.

I then thought I would add a Robovac Roomba to my wish list.
They remember the lay out of your room.
They can be switched on when you leave home.
They dont miss a spot.
It redocks when the battery is low.
They come in a version that vaccums AND mops!!

I think this would be an amazing gift. Keeping our house clean and tidy. Saving me on house work tasks allowing me to spend more time on the laundry… Might even look for a Robolaundrymaid.

Christmas Wish List ~ Item 6 Robovac Roomba please santa


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