Christmas Wish List ~ Item 4




I am sure I have said it before but I am a shocking beginner cook. Flour. Sugar. Milk. It all goes everywhere and often doesnt taste right. I love to taste as I go so I often have food and favoures all over the bench and me!

One of my best habits, regardless as to what I am wearing. to wipe my hands on my self. A wipe across my thighs or over my bum… All the time & without fail.

Luckily for me over the years I have grown use to wearing aprons & infact I LOVE them. The frillier the better. The more retro the better. I am neither a full apron girl or a half apron chick. I dont have a preferrence. I have both.

This is the 60’s Retro Housewife coming out in me even though I was born in the 70’s.

Do you like aprons??

Christmas Wish List Item 4 ~ Retro Apron please santa.


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