Things I Know

I normally do this on a Friday but here is my late Friday Saturday change over version.

I know
That I am glad this year is winding down. School & Kindy is stopping. Dancing is stopping. That school dropoffs will stop. Lunch making will stop. Being somewhere before 9am will stop.

I know
That I am soooo looking forward to all the tiny things being finished this week end in our house & for normality to rein. I want homes again for all my things. I want order back. I want the house to look.. Like a home again…

I know
That after having shit EVERYWHERE for the last 6 months that I refuse to pull out the huge tree I brought last year. I am postponing Christmas decorations till next week to get past our dance concert this week end. I am going for the minimal modern look this year.

I know
It is midnight & I am soo excited about our concert tomorrow that I cant sleep which is really dumb as our 2 kids, my neice & me are in 3 shows and dancing will take up all day. On top of this DH is fishing the Ribbons Ladies Tournament as crew and so our day including him starts with a 5am drop off and a 9pm pick up… I will so regret being awake and not sleeping around 4pm with tired exhausted kids & another show to get through.

I know
I am going to miss this link up when Shae stops this in 3 more weeks. One thing I do know is that this post always bring such current things to light. Things that would normally slip yhrough the post radar. I will miss this link up but am grateful I was part of it.. Even if for just a short time.


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