Christmas Wish List ~ Item 1



Being the start of December I feel that it is now ok to Chrismasise…. It just didnt seem right being all festive in I am starting my Christmas Wish List.. Here goes..

With all of the work at our house over the last 6 month funds are very tight.. But we have a great kitchen to be thankful for and an excellent undercover area to enjoy.

Our daughter has got many things on her list but 1 thing she wants is a DSI.. with money limited we have told her if I start saving now she will have it for her birthday in March.. She has decided that she doesnt want anything from us just from Santa and that I can put the money from her present towards her DSI… She has the kindest soul…!!

This got me thinking about the practical gifts that I would enjoy this Christmas. Normally I cannever think of anything that I would want lead a lone use…SO As the 2 childrens voices rose and rose this afternoon and tempers were pushed to the limits, fighting and screaming broke out about a character on a computer game.. I sat on the floor in the kitchen listening quietly to the mayhem unfold.

This got me to thinking that Ear Plugs would be a great thing to start my list off with.
They come in sets with eye masks, pillow & robe
Onesize fits all
Multi colours to suit attire
I could bulk order if any one is interested..

So Christmas Wish List Item 1 ~ Ear Plugs please santa


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