Cyber Bloggy Friends

Several years ago when the Cyber Dating craze started we all thought it was a bit strange that not only could you FIND love on the internet but you could travel the world, met, marry & live happily ever after with them. Now it is part of every day life.

So what makes your day to day friendships any different?

We meet people in the circles we frequent. Other school mums because we have kids. Other dancing mums because our kids dance. Other wife because we attend functions with our partners..but this never means that as people we always have any common interests out side of this..

In the blogging world there are groups of bloggers who support each other. Read each others pages. Stay up late at night commenting and publishing posts. Our common interest is blogging & then at the same time you know deep written things about each others “life”.

On my blog both my friends & family follow. I update my page more than my private status. I show more of the household life on my page than my private status.. I also find that my Real Life Friends dont read a lot of my page as they “think” they already know what is happening. I will also say my RLF think blogging is somewhat a waste of time..

Back to my point… Over my last 11 months of blogging I have made some very strong and wonderful friendships with people both here in my town as well as around the country. We have had many late night conversations. Many text messages backwards and forwards. It even has given me butterflies seeing a call from these people for the very first time.

You many think this is strange but here are some reasons why I really like my Cyber Friends.

They have CHOSEN to read & follow my life. Good bad and otherwise. They hang in through the hard times & are happy for you during the celebrations.

You have no expectations of them as a person. You take them for who they are. As they do you.

They know already some of your worst traits ie seen washing pile photos, know your a bad cook, know your car is full of the weeks crap..

Being a blogger or stay at home mum or both you also know they get the struggles.

I do have some of the BEST Cyber Bloggy Friends ever.. For this I am very grateful..

If you have some great Cyber Friends share this on your page & let them feel your love & gratefulness like I have.


6 thoughts on “Cyber Bloggy Friends

  1. I talked about friendships today in my post too. I think, of late, I’d have to say my new blog friends are the ones I’m most in touch with. Those who don’t blog will probably think that’s weird, but those of us who do understand.

  2. Chelle, I totally understand this. My bloggy friends know me better than other friends i think, because it is easier to share on my blog than in person.
    I loooove my blog friends. For the first time in ages I feel connected to other people, and that is an awesome thing.

  3. Blogging has opened up a whole new world of friendships to me and it is something I was not expecting at all when I published my first post. I too share more on my blog page than my personal fb page, because I know they will ‘get’ it. Sometimes I too feel that these cyber friends know more about the real me than the people in my real life circles, and I really love that I have had the chance to meet so many of them (even if it is just virtually)

  4. I totally agree with everything you say! I often wish I could just say to people: “didn’t you read the blog?” rather than have to explain something to them!!! I’ve had conversations with people IRL that have then gone home, read my blog and felt like idiots because I’ve already written a post all about what we just talked about before we even meet.
    I love my cyber bloggy pals – this blogging world can go a little bit crazy and get a little bit narky but mostly it’s just brilliant!

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