MidLife Pill ~ Things I Know

This week I have decided to write about the Things I Know about my Anxiety, my medication & most importantly my progress. Here goes.

I Know that
Anxiety is one of the scarest things I have lived through. It is constant. It is sneaky. It is strong as shit. It tricks you to believe false things as it seems sooo real.

Anxiety and even depression hits soo many people & yet we keep it locked away. We dont speak about it & we find it hard to start our journey to an easier life by seeking help. Feeling that to ask for help is failing? I dont know why this is. But I do think that society has a lot to do with it. Making people feel insane, grouped in the crazy box… Well if this is the case lock me up…

I am no expert on this topic at all but having lived it and to “get” what it does helps people know they have support.

I Know
Having to start explaining about it can make people feel overwhelmed. Out of control. It doesnt chose who it visits. The smartest of us can get this and feel so lost.. Helpless…

I Know
That medication works. It is there to help. It clears your mind & settles your thoughts. It is like a bandaid.. You still need to work on YOU.. Relaxing your self.. Clearing your stress. Talking things through with professionals but once it is started the journey gets so much easier.

This week we have had plenty happening in the personal work life of this chicky. Life took a left turn off the rails. I started to feel tight in my chest. Thumping in my neck veins. Pains in my heart. I didnt get concerned by this but wondered why I was feeling like this…

A-ha moment… When was the last time I had a tablet? I missed 1 and was almost at the end of missing day 2… Oh my was I out if sorts. I had been too busy and let this glue holding me together be completely forgetten.

I then decided that instead of hiding these away that they need to sit on the bathroom bench. I need to pretend I am 18 again and that this is now my “pill”… The middle age pill…

I Know
That forgetting my medication has taken me a few days to recover from. I hated the feelings that swamped me and gave me a reality check..

I Know
I wont be doing that again for sometime. I very clearly saw behaviours return that I dont like. Yelling at the kids. Low tolerance levels. Hyped up feeling of doing to many things at once but achieving none.

I Know
I have a much clearer understanding these days of what I am going through. Having support through these times is so very important. I have the best family support who understand it. Having someone who drops you a message to see how you slept. To see how your day was good bad or otherwise means the world.

My final note on this topic is if you are struggling with any feelings whether anxiety or depression seek medical help. Not when it fits in for YOU as you will never fit it in.. call and take THEIR next appointment. Your health is extremely important & help is available. You will feel so much better than you do now.


11 thoughts on “MidLife Pill ~ Things I Know

  1. Some great advice, especially the last point about not every getting around to seeking help. I think this is very common. Hope you are feeling much better x

  2. Great post on meds hon – they definitely saved me all those years ago and did exactly as you described – they made me well enough to do the hard work on myself and to think clearly! 9and I so remember the feeling when I forgot to take them)

    Wishing you a calmer week ahead!

  3. thank you thank you thank you for posting this.

    My 8yo struggles badly with anxiety, we tried over 12 months of other treatments before deciding to take the step to medication and it is made such a change.

    I’m so grateful for the insight and the understanding into what it is like as she is not always able to articulate how the anxiety feels.

  4. As someone living with anxiety and depression for over 20 years, I completely agree with you. Thanks to medication and semi-regular counselling sessions I’m able to function (well sort of-depending on your definition lol) these days. Wasn’t always the case. Great post x

  5. Thank you so much for sharing….your words about how you feel could be me. I have the counselling but it is just not doing the job anymore, or certainly not at the moment. I am going to be strong and at my appointment on Tuesday ask for meds…reading your blog helps me realise I am doing the right thing…thank you. x

  6. This is why I like blogs! Not only because I read about things I recognize but also because I come across things that are unfamiliar to me. I have a friends who suffers from anxiety but it is hard for her to explain. This helps me understand her a little better. Thanks!

  7. The one thing that sticks out when I read this post is the importance of making your self a priority…not to wait till things get worse in the hope that they may get better, not to out your personal health on the back burner because you have too much going on and will deal with ‘this’ later. But to take some action, see your GP and if necessary, take medication.

    I really admire your ongoing honesty and bravery M x

  8. LOVED IT!! Perfectly written. So bloody true mate, unfortunately as a society we have a lot to answer for.

    Life is so much more intense than it was say 15 years ago even!! I like you rush, rush, rush… It’s the way our world is these days..


  9. Loved your post. Thank you for sharing. So much honesty – there really isn’t enough of this anymore and Im so thankful the blogging world has grown and allowed people to be themselves and share their experiences to help others. Helping others!

    I believe I’ve suffered depression of some sort and can relate to the symptoms I hear people share. Ive never been ‘professionally’ diagnosed though. But I’ve definitely been to some dark places.

    For me however, I find God is ‘my pill’.

    Not church.
    Not finger pointing people with lists of rules.
    Not the feelings of guilt or failure.

    Just God.

    And, like your meds, when I miss a day or two of coming to Him, I can feel myself falling apart again. Slipping back into old ways, including the symptoms you’ve written about here – loosing patience with the kids etc.

    Deuteronomy 4:29 and if you search for him with all your heart and soul, you will find him.

    Thank you again for your post. It’s been a true blessing for me today xoxo

    er pointing guilt driving people, not

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