IBOT Surviving Renovations




Big, small, major, minor… Any renovation is a pain. It means creating a better place or upgrading from what you currently have. With renovations we tell our selves we will be right. We can work around and live in the middle of chaos while these improvements are made. WRONG!!!

What we dont think of is that we would never like to live like this. We would never ask anyone to live like this and with out organisation it is a very hard & messy way to live.

With the complete relocation of our living room & full removal of our kitchen, life has been upside down. I have on many occasions wanted to move to the Sheraton or even the Hilton… to be honest Best Western would be good… But we have battled it out.

With our kitchen
No kitchen at all…. Infact 3 pipes out of the cement floor is all that resembles what was our kitchen for some time until even THIS was gone… Mmmm Fun. No cooktop. No benches. No cupboards. No dishwasher. Not even a kitchen sink. ALL GONE!!

To work around this I needed to put some systems in place. How to cook? How to clean up?

We still have power but bench space is limited and equipment is limited. I needed to work out ways to cook & meals to make keeping equipment to a minimum.

I worked out ways that I could cook using the following

Slow cooker
Electric frying pan

So I then, with the help of all my facebook followers I created a list of things to cook in each. This allowed for minimum dishes. Another way to save on dishes was to change to plastic knives, forks, spoons and plates. For once DH has even felt compelled to clear the table at the end of our meals… yeap … straight into the garbage bag… dishes done !!



Then there was the issue of dishes.. with out any sink at all this meant that the main cooking items & things like cups and lunch boxes still needed to be cleaned and sorted…
To begin with I had 2 large tubs set up on the grass outside our deck area.. but this then was changed to a camping kitchen bench that was on loan.. with a sink life became soooooo much easier… No renovator can live with out a sink.


So for us in amongst the mayhem and chaos I needed to find some order. I needed homes for things to live. Even though 9 out of 10 days our area was built in with Thomas trains at least we had a table to sit at, a bookshelf as the new pantry & a lounge to sit on… this put a new view on Alfresco living..



We might of eatten takeaway a little more than normal.
We might of tripped over 1 too many trains.
We might of lost a few lego peices.
We might of felt the mist in the air as the storm clouds rolled by.
We might of been a little hotter than in the air conditioning.
We might of gained a few mozzy bites.
I personally might not want to go camping for a VERY long time to come.


We had to pull it together as a family.
We had to keep some sort of order.
We heard & saw the birds & butterflies more than we would of inside.
We adapted & it didnt kill us.
It has made us thankful and grateful for what we have and what we are achieving & creating.

I am not saying by any means that it did not flip us out. Infact it has driven us NUTS!!! Infact during our renovating I have gone my worst time with Anxiety… mmm… does this say some thing?? so here is my tips…

1. Be totally at ease when renovating.. Drink wine daily.. Use valium often…

2. Dont be environmentally friendly … plastic toss out stuff ALL THE WAY!

 3. Visit friends at dinner time OFTEN… hungry kids will get fed

4. Make sure all tradies are told First to finish gets paid First – so they hurry up !!

5. Double check on selling and moving before renovating…might be a better option.

5. If all else fails… just leave home and return when finished..


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6 thoughts on “IBOT Surviving Renovations

  1. You have done well to survive the mayhem of renovating with a family, given that there have been other things also to deal with. If you can get through a live-in renovation, you can get through anything.

  2. Yay! Thanks for this, Chelle! It’s quite a rough and grotty adventure without a kitchen, isn’t it? The kitchen was always the heart of our home so we’re pretty lost without it. Ours is totally gutted at the moment too. We’re eating and (light) cooking out of the living room, and washing up in the laundry. The builders have been working solidly so hopefully in 2 weeks we’ll have a finished kitchen! To get me through the chaos I just visualize the finished product, and us sitting around the dinner table enjoying a family feast cooked with my fabulous new monster-sized Smeg oven ♥
    Excellent tips. I don’t feel so scared now xxx

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