Things I Know

This weeks Things I Know..

I know..
That most of us have far higher expectations on our selves that anyone would even dream of. We create high standards.. We over strive to succeed. Along the way we battle, we struggle & yet we still dont celebrate our successes but doubt our ability & self worth.

I know..
There is always someone around us that will give comment on things, who will always question what you are doing. Who will challenge your ideas. This gives us the chance to not be offended by their words but to remember those comments are about them & not us.

I know..
That having even 1 person who believes in you & cares makes the world of difference.

I know..
That anyone can sell ice to the eskimos.. They just have to have drive & know that anything is possible & they will succeed.

I know..
That sometimes retracting back, closing the door & only letting your truely greatest supports in.. sometimes is very encouraging for self worth, confidence & more so family sanity.


8 thoughts on “Things I Know

  1. Some very deep things you know here. I like the bit about “This gives us the chance to not be offended by their words but to remember those comments are about them & not us.”

    • They sure are Trish.. I have a friend struggling with life at the moment & yet she also has a bunch of family things that also seem just as overwhelming. Fortunately as an outsider I could see this and also in my circle I am not effected this way so I was trying to make sense of it all for her.

      Life can be tough at the best of times without others putting their 2 bob in as they do to her.

  2. I agree with your first comment about most of us having high standards – I know I always set the bar impossibly high and then have the deal with the constant feeling of disappointment when I inevitably fail…I should definitely take a step back and give myself a break and a pat on the back! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I have a couple of people in my life that always challenge the way I do things and I love that. They do it with kindness and love and without judgement so I am grateful for that. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

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