Ooh Thats Pinterest…ing!







My new pantry has 2 doors.

So on one door I want to do the cork tile pin boards but on the other door I am thinking about some thing like these spice racks for all our spice jars.

Does anyone currently have some thing like this inside your pantry door? If so I would love to hear if you love it or hate it.


5 thoughts on “Ooh Thats Pinterest…ing!

  1. That first picture made my jaw drop!

    I have my spices in a drawer!

    My pantry doors have 4 Avery whiteboard stickers on the inside – loving them and I bought the supplies to add the cork tiles to my third door insides! Hubby is excited for me to finally clear the fridge of everything except a few photos!

  2. If I had that first pantry, you’d find me opening and closing it just for fun. I’d probably break it from doing it so often. Amazing! Our pantry is TINY so our spices are in small Ikea jars.

  3. Spice Jars are the HARDEST. When I lived at the farm we had really narrow shelves in the cupboard above the stove (where the exhaust ran up to the roof). IT was so handy to have spices right above the work area.
    Now I have a basket 😦

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