Things I Know

Here is my list of thing this week of Things I Know.

I know..
That good things come to those who wait.. It has been since the start of June school holidays that we have been renovating & finally we are near completion.

I know..
That our new kitchen looked good on the drawings but absolutly amazing in real life, corner cupboards & soft closures included… (showing off now..sorry)

I know..
I cant WAIT for the appliances to go in my kitchen..once they are FOUND in transport…I will start with the dishwasher and EVERY dish, plate, cup, spoon will be washed to clear the crappy cement dust off before I will then find a new home for it some where!!

I know..
That in our family the kitchen is our gathering point as the prawns get peeled and the fish gets crumbed.. It was great to celebrate our new kitchen with my dear hubby & my sister yesterday.

I know..
Our house has REALLY missed having a kitchen. For us it really is our hub.

I know..
We dont have IKEA here that is 2,000klms south of us in Brisvegas.. So today I will head to the next best Howards to “look” around and see what our new kitchen needs.

I know..
I have to rob a bank to finish paying every one.. Anyone want to join me??


10 thoughts on “Things I Know

  1. When we were looking through the windows of our house being built I was so excited about our kitchen. Wall cupboards, not just floor cupboards! A pantry! Benches that flowed almost completely around the room! After having tiny kitchens and no storage in rentals (and temperamental ovens!) it was bliss!

    Enjoy your new kitchen, there is nothing like it! 🙂

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