Thinks I know

This week these are the Things I Know…

I know that..
finally this week it looks like our kitchen & renovations might easy fit in and be completed before Christmas. The hold up was our door but now that is in the cogs have started to turn fast. Door is in. Floor is completed. Tiler has been to check it all out. Tiling starts Monday. Kitchen is completed waiting to be installed. Electrician is heading here today. My only hold up is the painter but the builder can paint if we need him too so that we can move back in. Oh yeah & money… I still have final payments on things but stretching & juggling to kerp things moving.

I know that..
life is more organised using my diary. It has only been a day or so but putting things in it soon fills it up. I have a pen in my diary as well as a highlighter. Once the things have occured or been done they get highlighted as completed. Last night I married up my fridge year planner with my diary for the month of November to record things on correct days. The key to a great working diary is to include all & everything into it. This way the “regular” things still arent over looked. Each thing that is done should be done with enough importance that it gets a mention and the chance to be crossed off the list.

I know
I am not sure why this is so.. But some of my greatest friendships have been formed with my cyber friends.. Is this because it is easier to write than to speak some times? Is it because you dont have any pre concieved thoughts or expectations on each other? Is it because in the blogshere things are deeper than a chat with a friend over coffee. They are full stories that touch your soul and imprint on your heart. You can choose who you follow and travel with. With our IRL in real life friends we only catch snippets? I am not sure but I am very grateful & would live you to check out the following if you dont already…
My bloggy friends
Jac Common Chaos Chronicals
Gemma My Big Nutshell
Kristy The Imperfect Mum

These are the things I know this week Thanks to Yay For Home
(Sorry no direct links as on my phone & not that clever)


3 thoughts on “Thinks I know

  1. Ohhh – What a lovely post!! – I feel exactly the same!! – It’s a strange thing but I feel closer to some of my blogger friends than I do to some friends IRL … Interesting.. After I got off the phone with you last night my husband asked: Was that Rose? (My Bestie) I said no it was “Chelle” one of my blogger friends.. he went ohhhh he then went on to tell me how loud I was being as he could hear me down in the garden.. I thought that was a nice reflection of our relationship – so comfortable already!! XX

    • Same as the kids in the car this morning. Who was that mum? As she was very excited Miss6 said. It is very nice. Different level than IRL friends. You dont have to start at the beginning. They are already caring enough to follow & read your story.

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