Being Organised

Over the last few weeks we have completely missed a party for Mr4, a party for Miss6 & rehearsals for Mr4 for dancing… & I am sure there is more.. I have sat back and wondered why?? This is has never been the case… Normally I have one bunch of balls in the air at once and manage to jump from one thing to the next even if it is JUST!!

I have taken a moment to think about where my systems have failed. The systems I use are
1. Fridge front – random things on the front
2. Yearly planner – monthly magnetic kind on the front of the fridge as well
3. Diary

Each one these things at the moment are in idle mode and NOT being used.

Due to renovations – my fridge has been pushed, moved, slid into all areas of the kitchen and deck. Along its way it has lost the importance if what it has held on its front. These have falled off or blown off and so things have lost their impact being on there as they would normally hold. Invitations to partys are put on the front of our fridge so we see them as well they are written on the planner. Events for school are the same, the notice is on the front of the fridge but the details are written on the right date on the planner.

My yearly planner. It is a monthly organiser with a pocket on the front. It holds a lot and carries plenty of information. It has been taken off the fridge and is in a box!!! Fail!! Hence not even having some where to write things on for the month…All birthdays are written on it and each day is crossed off as the next one starts. There is not a day I dont go to the fridge. Normally this is then cross referenced to my diary and written up each week.

Then there is my InnerB diary that I brought at the start of the year. This comes with me as my mobile system so when at the drs I know when I can make the next appointment or if invited somewhere I can check straight away. This link has also stopped. When working before kids I use to take pride in my colour coded highlight brightened pages in my full diary.

I have proved of late that the busy life we lead calls for systems, reminders and something in place to help us work in top gear. I am yet to be happy with the perfect diary app to use in my phone… Although in hotmail I also run a birthday calendar..

At the moment for us space is very limited as well chaos is ruling all. So I have found my diary, that was squashed under a pile of “things”. I have decided that when at home it will be on the table open ready to be used or checked as well as able to be picked up & taken on the days events.

Something like using a diary is about creating the habit that goes with it. At the moment I have lost the importance of what my diary did for me. I need to ensure that everything is written into it, on my planner or in some form other than in the fully filled walls of my brain. Time to make life easier.

This allows for the following.
* forward planning for up coming events
* being organised
* not missing events
* not caught off guard
* lowing stress levels

Make sure you check your diary daily & use it for every appointment from this day forward, create a new habit.


One thought on “Being Organised

  1. I completely relate to you with this one.

    Creating the habit of using the diary is just as important as choosing the right diary/planner!

    I’ve definitely fallen out of the habit of using my diary. After a year of missing birthdays, paying bills late and forgetting family functions, this week I finally sat down and started to fill in my Inner B Mum Organiser.

    There’s some things in my life that help me to keep my head chaos-free when everything else around me is out of control. A clean kitchen and an organised diary are two of those things. I need to prioritise keeping on top of their order more religiously.

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