Things I Know

Here are the things I know this week

I know…
That viral tonsilitis is one of the fastest moving things ever. That it hangs in and kicks hard. That after 3 doses of it in this house over 3 weeks firstly I didnt think it would get Miss 6 again as she had been on anti bots (like all) and secondly that the entire family would of saved all their worst for me. I knew I was sick when I slept for almost 2 days solid & didnt eat for 5.. I know I didnt want to go to hospital but I was THAT sick. I now know that even worst case tonsilitis is called Quinsy..I know I NEVER want it back!

I know..
That as I stood this morning watching my kitchen get ripped out that it felt exciting. But when I watched them jackhammer my wall…ARRGGHHH!! I know this made me feel sick to my stomach. I know we are now waiting on key sections for each stage to happen. I know I have to be patient but for shit sake HURRY UP!! I know that I am moving us over to all paper plates & cutlery starting tomorrow. That I will promise more takeaway and cooking on the bbq only all in the name of sanity. I do know it will be blissful heaven when completed.

I know..
That time flies. This week as been a hazy smear maybe because I have slept it away. Time never slows down but in most cases gains momentum. In a blink the days are gone, the week has ended and we are here wondering in this week, what is it that I know. Make sure you slow down and not only smell the roses but feel and see them for all the beauty they fully are.

These are the things I know this week.


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