IBOT ~ Quinsy..pusy tonsils yucky



Here goes with the lastest Health Thing… To Get Sorted..

Over the last month our house has been invaded by Viral Tonsilitis.. Miss 6, stuck down for 2 weeks by it, Mr 4, spots all over the roof of his mouth and the biggest tonsils… Then DH… Now I will speak kindly of him here… He had the biggest dingle dangle I have EVER SEEN. … You know that thingy in the middle of your mouth.. What the heck is that thing called?? Well it was huge..!

So 4 weeks on we have had the stream of doctors visits. Chemist scripts. Strepsils with numbing stuff. Gargles. Throat sprays. As well as the endless doses of nurofen and panadol for the kids and panadine forte for DH…..

I felt like I should of put on my sexy nurses uniform and check who was on my manifest for the day to care for, look after and dotte on….

Well I am lucky I didnt laugh too hard or too well… I am also glad I didnt rub it in to DH to suck it up like all good princesses… Because this shit would of taken a huge bite out of my arse…

This Viral Tonsilitis is now back with Miss 6 AGAIN but more so it struck me… The last few days I have slept… Slept like Sleeping Beauty 20 out of 24 hrs.. To rise, moan, take meficines, suck on ice cubed, stagger around looking sick…like really sick. Swollen eyes?? Swollen throat.. 2 doctors visits later in 4 days and I have the doctor saying….

Oh you poor darlin…. You have Quinsy! People use to die of this before the first world war but you will be right… I am sending you to hospital for IV anti biotics…

Mmmmm my first thought… WTF is Quinsy…?? My second thought… I have not been this calm in being sick… Like really sick in such a long time. I have been so scared of thinking I was sick that now that I was terribly ill I was alright with it.

So the short is QUINSY is a pus filled tonsil. I will not die from it as before the first world war medicine was not as it is today with both practicitioners as well as medications. Weeks ago that comment would of had me peaking out and me kissing the kids their final good byes tears and all.

I packed my bag but kept my jarmies on and waited for the best sister in the world to drive me in to hospital. This was the easiest option so DH could sort the kids and I trust her with my life..

Once at the hospital we were met and discussed my history… Mmm… Interesting conversation…
His. Any Allergies…
Me. Yes… Lexapro..
Him. Mmmm Thats an ANTI DEPRESSANT
Me. I used it for anxiety
Him. Medications??
Me. Yes Pristiq for my anxiety
Him. For diagnosied Anxiety Disorder
Me. Yes
Him. Thats an ANTI DEPRESSANT as well

So once we got past HIS hang up on what happens for me… He then went on to look in my mouth and see that somethings like pusy swollen tonsils can be seen and wow was I glad they were as bad as they were… It made me feel good!!

And this began my night in hospital. Panadol. Morphine. A bunch of other drugs mixed in there. One extremely foul tasting thick gargle that almost made me spew instead of gargle but geesh it took the pain away. A drip line with 2 lines, fluid & 2 hrly anti biotic bags.

No medical experience is normal for me… Some time around the 1am bag change I woke feeling sick and dripping all over in a cold sweat. No temperature but from a normal blood pressure of 120/70 ish to 83/56… I had everyone scrambling… Out was my friendly ECG… They pushed threw a bag of fluids and the night settled down and back to sleep I went. Weird no reasoning from anyone but the night went on.

Breakfast was more tablets. Another antibiotic bag and a bowl of orange jelly… Wow my kids would love that.. It was then they decided that they would get ENT to come on down and do their magic..

Before they arrived I became the freakshow in emergency with all the new grads wanting to SEE my QUINSY!! They all looked and asked questions ooohing and arrring and I must say that I was very thankful it was not a distaughted vagina or something more personal..

Now if you dont do gore well.. You are almost there.
But after another shit tasting spray…followed local anaestetic in to my tonsil… Ouwww!!!! Which also tasted crap. Then came the draining and lancing of my tonsil allowing me to then have clearance to go home. Yeah couldnt end this event or this story fast enough..

Heres to rest & recovery…


9 thoughts on “IBOT ~ Quinsy..pusy tonsils yucky

  1. Oh gosh, any kind of tonsillitis is the pits, so this QUINSY sounds bloody awful!!! I’m glad you got to be the medical teaching tool! That’s always so fun! Haha!

    • A night on the anti biotics and this morning I did find my humour.. Laughing with my pharmacy ed dancing pal. Giggling about my vagina with the medical students. Being a little cheeky until ENT came. They have stopped the fun.. Even now 😦 coffee sorbet is very tasty though. Thanks Daisy xo

  2. Yuck!!!!!! Big time Yuck!!!!!! I once had tonsils so pussy (had Glandular Fever at the time) my tonsils were going black! I too was a spectacle for the med students. Luckily there were only two as I was in a country hospital.
    Hope you’re feeling better real soon xoxo

    • There were plenty of giggles this morning when I was feeling better before the lancing began. A lady I dance with is in charge of the pharmacy in ED… so I told her I was in her play ground so she came in to check it all out..

  3. Oh that does not sound like any kind of fun!
    I have never had tonsillitis, so I actually have no idea how bad it is. Hope your recovery is quick though. No more lancing of tonsils if you can avoid it!

    Thanks for linking up πŸ™‚

  4. Eesh! What a crappy time you have had. Must remember quinsy when playing scrabble!

    Freaking doctor – you should have told him you got the Pristiq on ebay!

    Hope you family starts its recovery soon. Take care, Lee

    • Yes Lee crap time…

      I should of told him eBay. As he quickly typed it in his iPhone since he had no idea. It is a new drug…

      Or I should of just flipped out totally to confirm my “mental” state…. I thought it is drs like that who make people doubt what they are going through. Luckily I sit comfortable with my Mental State… πŸ˜‰

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