My Mummy Style

There is plenty of talk about how to be a good mummy. How to treat your kids. The positive reinforcements we need to instil.

Here is my bad tempered short fused version on my mummying style.

Our house use to be like one bolt of electricity that had zapped the roof and was then sparking and fizzing around. Sparks in all direction. Lack of sleep. Low tolerance levels all leading to a very volitle house.

From the moment I woke it was like I would be nagging the kids. The kids would be fighting. Things would not be getting done. My voice would raise. Until most mornings ended in me yelling at the top of my voice at the end of my patience to just eat their breakfast. Get their clothes on….

Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!! Not a nice place to live.

I have noticed this lately… As since starting my anxiety medication levels have dropped in all areas and this is one.

I am now seeing just how much I yelled at the kids and how awful this makes me feel. Once I would start their levels would also raise… And so the sparks would fly.

I didnt realise the direct impact I had created for our kids. At the moment levels have dropped and more things are being done. I am not sweating the small stuff. I am not being so effected by their fights and carry ons.

Our house was like living at Bootcamp with the lady in charge being one strict grumpy arse who spent her entire day screaching out orders. She wasnt rude but direct. She wasnt happy but followed a schedule. She had little time to play or see the latest train track created because she was busy. I am sure the neighbours on many times have heard her shrill screams at the kids over the fence…

Sometimes you cant see what you are doing till you can step away from it a little.

Now the lady incharge is a bit like a subsitute teacher. She tolerates noise. She asks calmly. She doesnt yell much at all but when she raises her voice the kids listen. Lets hope this nice lady stays..


3 thoughts on “My Mummy Style

  1. Good for you Chelle. Distance does bring clarity and sometimes it is pretty horrifying. The thing is most mums do their best with what they’ve got and then you get to a point that things have to change. The change is from within, bloody hell it is hard. The yelling, the yelling, arrgggggh at times horrendous. Sometimes it is just too much, too overwhelming, a sign of distress and a sign that you want things to stop. This was me this afternoon in part. Just to breath for a second before someone else drops the napalm. xxxx thinking of you darl.

  2. – I read this last night but the words didn’t really sink in… Too much noise in my head… Way too much noise… Too much.. It was like I was reading it.. Sort of comprehending it but not really getting it.. I couldn’t even comment because I didn’t even know what to write… that is what my head is like at the moment. There isn’t even enough space to think… All of the above sounds like me… I need to do something about it.. I know I do.. For my children’s sake and also my own.. Thanks Chelle XX

  3. This post spoke right to me. I have recently weaned off anti-anxiety meds to try for bubba #2 and I am doing my best to keep the household calm. I feel like I am succeeding somewhat but mostly due to increased (++++) insight! Thanks for sharing. xx

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