10 things you didnt need to know about me

Some time ago I was tagged in this by Gemma & again by Jac so I thought I better get it happening.

Here goes

1. When I was a little girl we would have mash potatoe, peas & sausages. Our mum would cut up the sausages into little peices & mix all 3 together…. Something I loved but dont do for our kids.

2. When I get worked up or annoyed by something I come out in a red rash all down my neck… So if I am pissed off people know before I speak.

3. I love fruit in my food. Like apricot in my apricot chicken not just the juice or pineapple in my sweet and sour or dates in my sticky date but my husband doesnt so our meals are fruitless.

4. I dont like getting my hair wet. I swim in the pool but dont put my head under. I shower but dont wash my hair every time. I just dont like it..

5. I am the worst water drinker in the world. I drink my coffee in the morning…it use to be a glass of wine some afternoons otherwise…mmmm…. Nothing…. So infact full liquid consumption….almost nil..bad bad bad. Trying to change this now I am on my tablets as I have been thirsty.

6. I have this snake phobia at the moment. Snake at camping not long ago. Snake IN our house several months ago!! My neice and I walked over a King Brown out west this time last year that freaked me out. A snake across the drive away recently. Snake in the garage… Mmmm… I dont like snakes….

7. I prefer veggies than salad. When I go out I choose chips veg & gravy… with my fillet steak. Otherwise I will chose the chicken pasta.

8. I have green eyes which I love! With my freckles, fair skin and reddish brown hair I love the browns, greens, oranges & cream this allows me to wear.

9. I remember when I was little and the lemonade truck use to deliver to us & you would fill the crate with your favorite flavours.. The man would run around from side to side of the truck getting the favours for you.

10. I sleep at night with my doona over me. If it is hot up goes the fan. If it is hotter the air con goes on but the doona stays on. It is the feeling of having something over me not just a light sheet.

There you go 10 things you didnt need to know.


3 thoughts on “10 things you didnt need to know about me

  1. I am cracking up! Chelle, you’d be excellent swimming alongside Nonna Fran in the Bali hotel pools!

    So glad you could play along!

    Keep AWAY FROM SNAKES!!!! xxx gemma let me know when you bring your work computer home, so we can play!

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