Day 14 Still adjusting

The last 14 days have been like a marathon. Travelling from one end of the chart to almost the other. Going from almost wanting to admit myself in for day care feeling that I needed to change my brain to feeling like there will be hope for me.

My mind has slowed down and doesnt run on over speed overdrive at the moment. My body is also slowing down. My obsessive thinking is not there. It hasnt gone and can be switched on if tampered with but is easier to ease.

I am feeling for the first time today that I have not noticed my chest, or my back or my heart.

Here are some things working for me
Drink plenty of water
Get plenty of sleep
Know my limits
Check in with myself taking big breaths
Slowing down and meditating before going to sleep

I have also been aware of what I have been eatting. Fruit & veggies high on the list. No wine 😦 no lollies or chockies.

I am not being tricked into thinking all is well. Once I do settle then I can start on the re-training of my mind to make relaxation and mindset a new part of every day living.

For those of you struggling with your own days or nights know that there are answers out there and ways to get help. You dont have to feel trapped or scared of what experiences your body will do to you like I was.


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