Day 11 Finding my groove

Today I spent time with my sister & family. We laughed. We chatted. We had coffee & food. I was not up tight or stressed. I didnt feel like I needed to hurry or be somewhere else.

I also had a sick little boy who bounced along… Doing fine for some time and then struggled with temps on and off.

This gave me good reason to take the day in sections. Not bull at a gate. Just small do able chunks.

In there also I realised how disconnected from life I had been. I found out there was a kindy party today… I am not even sure if we were invited that is how far from life I have been… But as the afternoon went on our little fella was too sick to attend if we had been. I am just sad for him I had missed it somehow.

At the start of the year I brought a great Inner B diary but stopped using it for some reason. I guess I got too busy.. ?? Time to pull it out and use it for this good reason I think. I am going to make sure I write inspiration notes to my self each week. Reminding myself how kind I can be to me.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 Finding my groove

  1. Isn’t it funny how so often we put pressure on ourselves to hurry, up, get things done, achieve…make it happen, be a better person etc….then when we slow down, take a minute and start connecting with the people around us and what’s happening and suddenly we are more relaxed and smiling…just being? It’s like what we already had what we needed right in front of our faces but forgot!
    Sending you much self-love and calm today…for both of us 🙂

    • You are right. Do we become so self absorbed that like I said we become so dissconnected yet we are trying harder than ever? I have had conversations with people and walked away not even knowing what we spoke about I had been that unattached..

      These days I love hearing what people say. What you need is right there at your finger tips. You just need to stop and see.

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