Things I know

I know that the mornings come too quickily and that at the moment my body needs a lot of sleep.

I know that I am surviving our family camping while our house is being pulled apart.

I know that if you are patient things will finally work out.

I know that when 1 door closes another door opens.

I know that I get this strange feeling on my forearm when I get worked up about things…

I know that I love the ease of shopping for food on line and choosing the 6-9am time slot for Monday morning so everything is fresh for the school week.

I know that we all have our own inner mantra. I heard a few today. My kids ARE normal. Drink more wine. Mine is Never Give Up!! I had almost lost hope in me ~ thinking this would get the better of me… But no way… I am swinging back around and I will not give up on me!


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