Day 10 Reassurance

Today was my drs appointment. I had moved it from Wednesday to today… As I sat in the waiting room I was wondering about my reason to be here. I wasnt sick. I wasnt ill. What I wanted was reassurance… Reassurance that my arms looked ok. That my chest sounded good…

What I like about my dr is that she has had servere anxiety and “gets” my actions. She has no worries to check my pulse if thats what I want or listen to my back. She gets the pains I describe and the feelings I tell her.

We discussed my panic last week and how I am now heading to the smooth waters. Time to relax these muscles that have been held tights – just incase but have been forever on alert. Time to recognise the triggers. Time to tune into me. Time to live in the moment.

I left knowing now that I will get past this. We discussed not being on these tablets forever. We discussed how much this will now ease and that if I was going to react how I would of by now. So no chest xrays. No thinking my heart would stop. I left feeling quite at ease that I was entering the ski slopes and that the down hill ride will actually be ok…I might even giggle laugh or have fun on the way.

I still have not caught up on sleep but this week end we have nothing planned. Family fun will be all. Time to lounge & be.

Might even get to stop the Ferries Wheel…. Mmmm that could be a first…


2 thoughts on “Day 10 Reassurance

  1. Hello lovely.
    Just letting you know I’ve been reading everyday but haven’t been able to comment through my phone. I am with you every step of your journey and I’ve no doubt you’re nearing your destination with every day. Everything that you share is advice we can all follow. Wishing you peace, serenity and joyous moments always xx ♥ Jess xx

    • Thanks so very much Jess. Has been one of the hardest roads I have travelled. A real stop like FOR F@&K SAKE. S T O P & smell the roses…..

      I am feeling better and clearer each & every day. I think there are plenty with my story but it is shut behind closed doors.. Xo

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