Day 9 Feeling almost alright

It was a juggled musical beds night last night with 1 of the kids with temps of 40 on and off. Broken sleep & lack of sleep is 1 BIG thing that people forget to take in to account when on the road to good health. I am finding at the moment that my body is needing more sleep than I give it & without stopping and giving it this I set myself up to fail.

Today I chomped through some hard tasks at work. Some how my husband creates chaos & I normally bring in the iron to smooth things out…. Well this has slowly been changing. I have been making him accountable for and jumping some of the hurdles he puts around the fields. Today I dragged him round the field with me & we ticked things off the list TOGETHER.

This afternoon my back is hurting like my chest does but it is in my back… There is a dull pain in my heart. Today I am recognising that I have over loaded my soul. Infact today has felt like I have run a marathon…

Time to stop & slow the world down. Remembering that I am safe & alright. To think about my breathing & taking big deep breaths rather than shallow pants of survival.

I am remembering knowing that I have the ability to over come this. But to do so I need to stay with in my boundaries. Too much stretching could easily snap me at the moment. I think we all do this.. The minute you start to think you feel ok your super powers return full strength…. Thinking that you can jump tall buildings… But really at the moment climbing the front stairs would be hard enough.

Today I am now slowing down the Ferries Wheel for the afternoon…. Hopefully enough to change carriages.


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