Day 8 Restart

This morning I woke and felt GOOD – like alive GOOD!!

I am calmer in my ways – I am slowing down. I am speaking calmer. I am acting calmer & more logical instead of the insane ever charged on call mad hatter that I was!! Infact today I think I am becoming normal and prehaps the normal that I thought I was – was soooooo almost hyperactive and moving left, right up down at any chance that I got.. that I even wonder how I logically got things done. Instead I worked in damage control, dealing with each drama, catrostrophy & moment as they arose.. bouncing from each one out of one hot pan and into the next sizzling event..

Today I took my tablet and changed my appoint to Friday – I thought that worst case I would not take tomorrows tablet if the tingling arm thing comes back…. if it doesnt then tomorrow for breakfast I will take the next one and take each day, each moment as it comes along.

My day has been some what of a controlled orderly type of day. This evening I return to dancing which in its own is so very good for the soul. Exercise of any kind releases its own natural serotonin, this is what is missing when anxiety takes over. You run on adrenalin instead. It is nice to have me time and burn off some energy. I have felt that over the last few weeks I have wanted to start running but I have not had the motivation to do so just my body wanting to …. those of you who know me would laugh as I do dance but RUN!!! hahahaha only if the kids were on the road or I was late for a bus would you catch me running…

So I have been wondering what more is there that I can do to help me? I have been telling people I cant get off my out of control Ferries Wheel and this has been the problem…. MINDSET!! If I think I cant get off then I guess in my mind I wont… so I now have to remember that I AM slowing the Ferries Wheel down and I will regain control. I have always known that with my mind that I can create ANYTHING I set out to achieve …. so I am adding over coming anxiety now to my list & I KNOW that I will achieve this as well..


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