Day 7 Stop everything

This morning I woke after 12 hrs sleep. I was more than tired I was worn out exhausted and couldnt face the option of another drug reaction….

This morning I was feeling better. Never do I go to bed before the kids. Lead a lone before dinner. I just needed to escape & rest.

I decided to not take my tablet this morning. I have organised to see my dr tomorrow morning & will check in with her. This medication can be taken every day or every second day so I am still alright & within doses.

I got through my day. Checking in with my self regularly. I have never been so aware of every breath that I take. Every thing my body feels. What my heart is doing. How my chest feels. As a friend wrote these similar words..we are sometimes not aware of how we face each day with white knuckles & hearts pounding with a a smile infront of it all as we hold our breath…

Dinner great & this evening is the most relaxed I have been in a long time. I didnt notice my heart my soul or my breathing. As a family we laughed and joked & the kids played happily.

We are in the middle of a complete upside down renovation so here is a thought I have been wondering since my forearms tonight feel normal…. Is it cement dust that irritates me & last night made my arms feel bad. As it was a little tonight but only from when I got home? ?? Mmmm

Tonight I remembered what it was like to be alright. Tonight I could happily say I AM OK.


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