Day 6 Time to reassess

I am now 1 day further on than I was with Lexapro… So time to say Thank You body for letting these help.

I still feel my tight chest and sore chest in my back but my heart is not gripped or sharp any more. My mind tries to run away with things but my strong logical part that needed back up now has reinforcements. So the thoughts dont turn out big events & are easier dismissed or kept at bay.

I do find that I am a little shakey… Mmm or is it unsettled… I am still on alert ready to run but my body is wondering what the hell for.

Today I am meant to be at work but have chosen to potter around washing tiding & FBing instead. No schedule to be any where or do anything accept think about what is for dinner..

I would not say I am fully at ease yet but it is much easier. It is nice to not have all the terror that my anxiety created.

As the afternoon went on I got the prickly sensation along the inside of my forearms that started last time. As the afternoon progressed it then turned into a rash… Not as bad as last time but there. I also had the strong feeling of sea sickness. So at 6pm when I should of been cooking dinner I curled up and slept the night through.


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