Day 4 Steady steady

Hooray after going to bed at 9pm and sleeping till 6am it was nice to of slept the night through. The one thing other than that was how when I woke the panic that hit my chest…. I must start the day stressing about it before it even begins. Today was the first time I was aware that this was how I started each day… WOW any wonder I would freak out.

My spots have settled… A mozzie or bed bug up the leg of my pjs…. Who knows but maybe I should tape the bottoms of the legs up?? Or buy a new bed – arrggh I even vaccume the mattress when I change the sheets each week…wont bother any more !!

I can feel that my soul is more settled today. But my body hasnt slowed down. It is reacting but I am remaining calm.

I slowed down today. I sat down when my body was feeling fluttered. Each time I felt my heart & chest reacting I would make sure I stopped to breath.

Today I spoke to several people & found out they are travelling along with me & following my stories. For this I am very thankful. The words I heard were reassuring & encouraging. You might not all make comments but it is so nice to know I dont have start from scratch telling my story.

I need to learn to stop & smell the roses…. Instead I swing out the window while steering with my toes and rip out a bunch as I speed past. Mmmm I thought that was enjoying life…


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