Things I Know

Here we go with this weeks things

I know that this week I have held it together with DH away & school holidays in full swing, at this point easily – but at other points of the week by a bare fine thread.

I know that from now on I will never let his fishing trips slip under the radar with out seeing if they clash with school holidays…!!

I know that I will write this rule into the Book of Rules From the Wife – book…

I know that it is a miracle but the house is “somewhat” tidy considering the holidays & some how all the washing is up to date.

I know that I was almost on the edge of taking my new medication from over 6 weeks ago to help with my anxiety – but I have done plenty of “google” research – which is another story – as I KNOW googling things can give me anxiety thinking I will be dead tomorrow…anyway – I have started on Magnesium Citrate powder & Omega 3 to help with my anxiety instead of medication.

I know that I will be racing to my DH, pushing past the kids to get his first I have missed him so.

I know that he is the BEST hunter & gatherer & that we will be eatting Barra now for some time to come.

I know that past all the things that bother you and annoy you with family that I have the best family anyone could ask for. Especially the second layer family out side the 4 of us – sister, nieces, Mother & Father in law & Father.

These are the things I know this week what do you know ?? Follow the link to read others


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