Ohhh!! Thats Pinterest..ing

Another first time – I am linking up with Tina Gray {dot}me with snaps of Pinterest…

Here goes… We have just completed stage 1 of our renovations and hopefully stage 2 being completed with a sprinkle of magic for Christmas Day – only some how we need to hope like hell that the wet season doesnt kick in and kill the money tree – oh yeah I have to find it first…. Any way here goes

So with all the mayhem and renovations at the moment I am feeling like this

I need to keep focused on the big picture and what we hope to achieve…. well maybe not this extreme nor grand but this is about creating the dream…

In the mean time I will remember the following

I will look forward to straightening my apron

and practicing my new kitchen rules

mmmm very Pinteresting site…. hope you enjoyed


10 thoughts on “Ohhh!! Thats Pinterest..ing

  1. Firstly, congrats that you linked up!!! Awesome!

    Secondly Chelle, that first lady in her tiny kitchen, hhmmmmmm yes (that is all I can say).

    That second kitchen is fabulous and I love the high ceilings and those industrial/mod lights. Really, really sets it off. I am a women in love with fine cabinetry and clearly have very average cabinetry, which means that I should be afforded excellent quality cabinets because I appreciate it. God, please, you know I deserve it GIVE IT TO ME!

    Aprons at the ready, set GO!

    • We are creating a new kitchen. Knocking out a wall & entending onto the deck… Sounds easy I am sure it will be hellish at some stage so I have to keep with the dream.

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