Things I Know

Here we go with this weeks things

I know that last week I did one of these but it has sat in my drafts & not been published…???

I know that I have almost survivied week 1 of school holidays – it has been rough and the list of challenges has been HUGE & LONG but I am getting there with just minor freak outs.

I know that I have the best anxiety therapist in the world who I can ring day or night & who I know will back me and my out of control mind races 100 % with out calling the mental health unit to collect me as I think she some times will. It is nice to know that my life even freaks her out a bit at times with the shit and loads of it that keep trying to tumble me or rock me & my world….

I know that putting the kids in for a week of private swimming lessons to catch up or brush up on their swimming in time for summer has been the best thing I have done in a long time – they have surprised me with their technique. I will feel safer this year than ever. I was concerned about the cost but it has been money very well spent.

I know that we were so very lucky to of had notice that our dog has been found who went missing in Gulf cattle country 40 kms from the closest homestead… We have cried many tears thinking that we would never see her again but they turned to tears of joy 6 days later. We are hoping she never misses her ride in the ute ever again now..

I know that this post gives me a chance to relect on things from the week and to giggle to my self about some as well as doing the oh that was shit to others.

These are the things I know this week what do you know ?? Follow the link to read others


8 thoughts on “Things I Know

  1. Yay for found dogs! We had a dog that was a bit of a runner when I was a kid, but somehow she always made it back home πŸ™‚

    I would love to book Miss 5 into the extra school holiday lessons for swimming, very well spent money I think, but unfortunately they only run the clinic for school-aged kids and she is still at Kinder 😦

    • Laura – I couldnt live with out her at the moment and wonder how I struggled through so much before hand..

      Yes the dog is in cattle country living the life of the farm dogs… she will LOVE coming home – but it is 7 hours away near Normanton in the west side of the point of Queensland so wont be till the following week end… not just down the road but 14 ish hr round trip…

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