Backpack or Picnic basket???

Life can in some ways resemble a metaphor & so here is my version of my story…

Over 6 months ago here is what I would do & have done since as long as I remember …

I carried around a HUGE backpack that weighed me down. As I went about my days I would collect jobs, tasks, places to be, dead lines & time constraints. They all got squashed or more so crammed in without a space, a break more so without a breath or a thought.

I stuffed this backpack full till it became bigger than myself. I got to the point that I struggled to be seen from under it – it was THAT big.. But with full determination I set off up the hill, blind, not stopping, not looking at the sights not even seeing the path itself. I just had my own energy driving me on, never stopping & yet still collecting & jamming things in.

I realised that nothing nice was in my bag! arghhhh!!! No nourishment. No encouraging words. No nice thoughts. Just harsh sharps words reminding myself of what needed to be done, time lines fast approaching. If something was done in time there was little joy or congratulations, no accolades to collect just the next time line reminder & time moved on FAST!!

My words were sharps, my tolerance low & yet my list continually grew!! I didnt realise it but I would even go as far as to say I was some what of a martyr..!!

Over time my awakening has begun. I realised the following changes needed to happen

  • make the trips enjoyable & view the sights
  • encouraging words help
  • packing nourishing things helps balance the load

Nourishing things were things like

  • picnics with the kids
  • making a vegetable garden they could grow things in
  • spending time at the camp fire in our back yard
  • cooking
  • spending time laughing & giggling in our pool

These “fun” things werent crammed into the backpack I realised that these were kept safe in the picnic basket…. a basket of fun.

As I woke & began to see life as it was – so focused & with big blinkers on I found that these days I have learnt, well not completely learnt as life is continual but I recognised my path is some what different these days.

  • I can see my path these days, its view, the lookouts it has & the colours along the way
  • I infact choose which path I will head out on each time now
  • They are now single journeys rather than an endless up hill pilgrimage
  • I am more thoughtful with my packing
  • I stop & rest along the way checking in on ME to see how I am going.
  • I carry my Picnic Basket to make sure through the hard times that there are also great good times to remember in there

From today on I am going to spend time remembering about my Picnic Basket of Fun each day rather than getting worried, concerned & up tight about the backpack of stress I was carrying around.


12 thoughts on “Backpack or Picnic basket???

    • Thanks Erin it sure does. I didnt realise how focused on the “trip” I had begun & how I really thought I was super mum shoving more & more in the backpack….I think of this everytime I feel my stress mounting.

  1. I absolutely think that I have the backpack on. I wish I could find a way to get rid of it!. How the hell do you do that? I stress myself out with all the crap I carry around and there is no fun or happiness there. Especially for me. I get glimpes don’t get me wrong, but then I turn around and its all still there. I guess its a work in progress. Thats for this post. I needed to read it.

    • Thanks Courtney. I needed to be flattened & completely squashed pinned under my world like backpack. It was not a nice realisation but at that moment I could not step one more step nor could I even breath without it being out of control. But if you had of told me this would happen to me 1 only 1 step earlier I would never if believed you. It shattered my supet hero world. My best tip for you is find 5 minutes for you every day. If you are too busy to find that small time for you then you REALLY need to listen to what I am saying. Hang in there & slow up. Not forgetting to breath….you’ll get there.

  2. Chelle! I love your metaphor. I nodded so many times! “I just had my own energy driving me on”. Then you run out of fuel.

    Keep going and pack that picnic basket of fun, with extra treats to nourish your mind and body!! xxxx

    • Mind you Gemma it has taken me a few months to be able to look back to were I was and see this story I created. We really are so blind to our own life lessons arent we..?? Yeap when I feel my heart begin to race I think…..mmmmm What the heck have I packed in that bloody backpack now.. The bigger the backpack the more you fill do tossing that one and down sizing to a smaller one. We all have shit I just want to make sure for me I dont have so much at once πŸ˜‰

    • Sif try swapping it for a picnic basket & see how that makes you feel. For me it brings an instant smile to my face….. Nothing like the frown that hangs with that backpack. Thanks.

  3. This is me today! I have been so stressed with all the things I should be doing, and no time for anything fun.

    This post had inspired me to just chill for a bit. I’m going to ignore my housework, and do some quilting right now, cause I’ve been wanting to, but putting it off for days.

    Oh and thanks for linking up πŸ™‚

    • This was quite a left of centre post from me Jess – but it was Tuesday and so the link up happened. Glad I found your page. I am shocking at remembering much but would love to join in more often.

      Yes the Basket of FUN…. Too often we all speak about the crap life dishes out and I am going to start talking about the fun it brings… well will try to any way.

      All the should, coulds and what ifs keep us so busy that we forget the fun, giggles and laughter that we also share through out the day.

  4. I think KNOWING you carry the backpack and making the conscious decision to dump it or swap it for the picnic basket is the hard part and it is only when you realise that the world will not end if the chores dont get done, if the floor is dirty, if you leave the washing until tomorrow, or, even if the entire load you are juggling falls to the ground does decision come. ..and then when you CHOOSE to pick up the picnic basket and move forward the air is fresher, the sun is brighter, happiness is allowed to sneak in…..and with this comes a basket full of ‘content’. Life is a heavy load mostly, so I prefer the picnic basket!
    great post chelle! xo

    • Thanks Den, it is the choice to stop & pick the basket up & breaking the habit of trying to repack when it falls but instead to stop & look. But ever so slowly I am getting there. Xo

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