Multi Tasking is OUT!!

In the last few weeks I have been learning about MINDFULNESS as well as Meditation. These are 2 areas that are very new and fresh to me – both allowing for me to slow down and breathe yet allowing me to manage to get through the day.

With this in mind I have been needing to look with in ME to find out what I have been doing, what I have been thinking, my reactions to things and even the way that I speak to myself…. mmmmm I wouldnt like ME as my friend as I really an NOT a nice person the way I speak to ME… I have found that the front I put up to the world is not the person who lives deep down under my skin.

I was a person who did 100 things at once 6 months ago and if I could manage and was asked, there was always a bit of me that squeeze one more thing in. This way if it was completed then it could be crossed off the endlessly growing list.

I didnt realise how WRONG this was and what I was doing to my self!!

The moment I stopped multitasking I stopped burning myself while cooking dinner, doing the homework & answering the phone all at once as I then concentrated on cooking. I stopped dropping things when trying to stack every thing up when unpacking the car as I only carried what I could comfortably. I stopped almost crashing the car while texting !!! mmmmm bad example. I listened to who was calling on the phone completely rather than in the middle of mayhem. When washing – I wash & dry & hang – doing 1 load at a time for the day COMPLETELY.

I started thinking more about the following and what this means

  • when looking just see
  • when listening just hear
  • when smelling just smell
  • when tasting just taste
  • when touching or feeling get the full sensation

I am not saying Multi Tasking is fully out but being mindful is difficult to achieve as the mind cant not give each task 100 %.

Next time you find your self flustered by the 8 things you are trying to manage STOP!! Do 1 thing fully & completely at a time and you will see they get done better and easier.

Are you guilty of Multi Tasking??


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