9/11 Always remembered

As with everyone I will never forget the day, the visions & the thoughts that were created that horrific day.

I will never forget the telly turning on (as it was our alarm clock at the time). We were in the height of Double Income No Kid life. Not caring much, living the social carefree life. WOW reality check… We watched, feeling like it was a midnight horror show rather than live feeds from real life.

I was a Retail Trainer at the time & stumbled into work wondering how I would get the students that day through COMMUNICATION. What an perfect subject for todays events… What had happened?

For me it changed my entire belief. All of a sudden the world was not safe. No body could be trusted & even the most powerful & biggest could fall.

The scarest thought was the lives taken of so many innocent people. Of so many heroic emergency crew. I will never get the true feeling of the loss of a mother that day who went to work and never came home or the true feeling of the loss of a child on a plane going to stay with grand parent who never made it or the father who put on his firefighting gear that day who saved lives. But what I do know is miles and miles away the scenes where catostropic.

On 60 minutes last week there was footage of and from the man who captured the first plane hitting. It was as raw as that morning 10 yrs ago. Both dear husband & I were just as horrified. Nothing will ever compare to that extreme day…. Well in my life time I can only hope not.

Today I will remember 9/11 – the brave, the couragous, the tears, the loss, the devastation, the day that changed the world.


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