Letting Nature Nurture


From Thursday last week

After the 6am start of chaos & mayhem, smells of cooked breaky, engines thumping, excited nervous chatter of anglers, even the hum of the videoing helicopter the tournament had started.

We walked up the wharf to a very peaceful, completely quiet island. Not deserted but relaxing. I took the kids back to the restaurant then and had a quiet HOT coffee made by someone else !! YEAH YEAH !! The kids ate tropical fruit of every kind before we headed back to our room for a morning of quiet time.

Limited internet & phone access meant that I wouldnt be Facebooking all day. I threw open the heavy drapes that sent the clearest days beams of sunshine streaming in, opened up the 2 lots of concertina doors and stood back finding myself drawn into the most colourful warming sight I have seen since what feels like forever.

I thought I would write about what I was seeing & noticed when I looked at the clock that I had not just glimpsed for a few minutes at what had made my breath return in big relaxing breathes but it had been over half an hour I had taken in this sight. I had slipped into the nurturing arms of nature.

I could hear the waves.
I could feel the gentle breeze.
I could smell the grass.
I was lost in the moment & getting healed by the strongest mothering powers of them all – Mother Nature.

It was then that I decided the following

  • I would feel the sun on my shoulders
  • I would refresh with the fresh salt waters of the ocean
  • I would walk barefoot on the grass
  • I would laugh & giggle with the kids
  • I would recharge & be grateful for the paradise we live in that we so easily overlook in life’s busy ways

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