Young thoughts that dont grow

This post is short & sweet but I hope it makes you think about your beliefs.

I didnt realise until today that I had been carrying around a HUGE backpack full of 4,5,6 yr old beliefs but more so that I still actually believed!!

It is totally true that we learn & absorb so much as a child but it then it is even worse that our thoughts dont grow as we grow.

As a child we are freaked out by shadows that we think are monsters in the night..the adult us knows they are only shadows.

Think about your childhood beliefs good, bad & otherwise. How you felt. How you reacted. Put this into your adult mind.

Would you process this differently now. Was there any real reason to feel the way you did?

Our childhood preception & reaction is completely different to the adult logical version.

Think about some of your beliefs and fears and where they started. See where it takes you..??


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