Mar, Venus, Aliens & Manland

I love my husband dearly but the more I am reading Kerri Sackville ~ When my husband does the dishes….the more normal I feel.

I have been his assistant out the back of our house where we are replacing large amounts of our roof and beams that were wood & reinforcing them with steel. T A to my husband does not equal a relaxing Sunday infact it makes my stress levels peak!!!!

So while I was out there helping I had an A-Ha day, remembering clearly that Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus and small children are aliens…

I’ll start with the good things that attracted me to our bonding. This bonding is celebrated with 13 years on the calendar tomorrow ~ 4th of July ’98. So as bad as this gets, goodness always wins….so all good. So heres my list

  • His huge smile
  • His charm
  • His huge giving heart is the most generous I know
  • His extremely talented Masterchef skills
  • His strong work ethics
  • His complete relaxed state of mind ~ she’ll be right type

Men are so very different. They think as women that they dont need to tell us what to do – that we will just work on auto pilot along with them in Manland. They also forget that we dont ignore the calls & cries from the offspring we created while we are doing something else. So sometimes there is small delays in the helping while heaven help us – we attend to someone else.

So after the frowns, the eye rolls and the looks…then I worked out the long hard way what my labouring roll actually involved while helping Grumpy Husband.

This then bring me to the very modified BAD list…I do want to survive tomorrow with smiles…

  • He rides the highs and the lows worse than me with no period like me to excuse him
  • He binges through the hard stuff sometimes making these time worse
  • He sets the mood of the house when he walks in
  • He is a perfectionist & yet ever so messy
  • He has STRONG opinions on things
  • He is absorbed by his couch & once there the world could end but he will remain there oblivious to all

AND since when do fathers babysit THEIR OWN children…?????

I would love to hear your version of living with Manland…


3 thoughts on “Mar, Venus, Aliens & Manland

  1. It’s the good with the bad isn’t it? I like the visual of the world ending on the lounge and your husband not even realising it due to being in manland!

    Manland for me brings lots of frustration particularly the skill of waiting to the very last second to intervene with the children. Very annoying.

    I am yet to master the art of crafty suggestions without giving orders. But sometimes the world might end if orders are not given!

  2. I posted my version of living in Manland on my blog if you would like to read it. purlsoftheday(dot)blogspot(dot)com

    Thank you for your post. As always a fabulous read! 🙂

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