Mothers love

The older I get the more scared and anxious I become of the unknown. Is this because being older I am more aware of the consequences life brings? ???
I am not sure…

I wrote this post at about the 18 hr mark of our homestay so I will post it as I wrote it.


We have decided to open the doors of our home to not just 1 but 3 homestay teenage ladies from Texas. This is our fundraising for Mattys kindy.

My first thought on this was BAD TIMING. Change of financial year, meetings with manager & accountant, school holidays, house has been trashed & the kids have been disgusting…. But when is it ever a good time.??

Then I thought of myself as a 14, 15, 17 year old travelling around the world with a group who were not my friends or my social group but in most cases most of whom were complete strangers.

What the hell are my fears compared to their adventures. Infact I admire the braveness and courage these young people have.

As a mother I would be hoping and thinking the entire time if my child was happy and more so  safe.

So these ladies are more than welcome into our home and more so into our lives now forever.

It has been great to hear and share stories and know there are things that are the same and other things so very different and yet we are worlds apart.

All events in our house are shared together with our extended family as even this event was.

  • Grandma took a teacher
  • Aunty took 2 girls also

So not only did we share this with our ladies but we also had niece homestays who were also more than welcome. We shared all events together with these 5 ladies. I think also things become a little more relaxed and fun when you are not just alone in a strangers house.

We have not stopped laughing, talking and giggling. The house has had 2 very large and yet somewhat controlled and orderly dinners. We have shown these ladies and allowed them to taste and even surprise to them, enjoy some of the best seafood they will eat in the world….

This is exactly the change of scene this house needed, we just didn’t know it till we look back and absolutely enjoyed it. So much so we have discussed and been given clearance to take our 5 out tonight from their hotel fir dinner….a grand escape. …

So this morning was not goodbye, it was See ‘ya soon….

Dear parents,

Your daughters are delightful, polite, funny and informative.  They are a pleasure to have in our homes and as part of our lives. They are welcome to come back anytime and spend some unrushed time in our wonderful part of the world. Feel pleased to know that they have been excellent ambassadors of whom you should be so proud of.

Love from Us



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