No love these holidays.. not yet

Day 2 of school holidays and I am ready to pack them up and post them to opposite ends of the country.

I love these kids extremely, infact those in the circle of trust might even say it is the princess and the chosen one…. But OMG……..

Maybe it is a mixture of weak drizzly rain, a roof being repaired now on hold, PMT (but dont dare mention this or you might also be packed up and posted some where) mmmm what else, oh yeah change of financial year IN THE MIDDLE of school holidays…. Argh……

I am reading all these brilliant and amazing posts from people enjoying every moment with their kids. Nothing like our house….. The fighting….. The noise…..thats mine….no its mine….. Mum mum mum mum… MUMMMMMMMM

Yesterday we painted the cubby and it was far easier to do it my self. With a 4 & 6 yr old painting…. Trying not to get too much on the cement…paint in the right areas….not put big blobs of paint….I needed more than the paint fumes while inside the small area with them loaded with paint filled brushes bumping into me….

Today we went to see Cars 2, which before I bring the dark cloud over….it was brilliant… I loved every quiet moment with no children fighting, screaming, or wanting something to eat. I enjoyed it ALOT. But I was STRESSED by the end of my outting and glad to have my kids locked back inside at home.

Well tomorrow it is work for me, kindy care for DS & tag along for DD so the day will begin with a hot coffee to swallow my vitamins, stirred in with a scoop of “get your shit together” & hopefully I can put these holidays on reset and start all over again.


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