A solid Sound/C ~ works well in our house

What makes a report card good bad or otherwise….

Are we compelled to think that anything less than A’s is BAD…. do we need our kids to keep up with the “Jones”??

Our daughter this year is in Grade 1. Last year in Prep – the kindest, softest break into school, she had a teacher who crushed her soul. This was brought to extreme around October last year when I was advised that she may not be going on to Grade 1 – with tears running down my cheeks and feeling like I had failed as a parent I pushed it further through the school. To then be followed up and for it to be a “mis understanding” mmmmmm

This year our daughter has been given the BEST gift in the form a teacher who has taken on her every step of  learning. She missed most of term 1 due to a broken arm straight after cyclone YASI and a lot of time off school. So all of this taken into consideration, what was I expecting when given the SEALED envelope that contained her report card. ??
This is her first EVER report card. Again last year all other Preps got report cards but not our class…. So we have been running quite blind through the first 18 months of school…… so what to expect….???

Of course we arent the straight A type family… we are all rounders, a practical bunch who run off common sense and fun.

So a mixture of the top 3 letters was our girl – VERY much me and her dad. She is right in there with us. School is second to living life and having fun and to achieve this without any effort ???? This has to make you smile.

In our house we read books but not obsessed – infact those who know me will know it is not uncommon to see me sitting with our girl before school reading her reader. We always talk about colours and create colour when painting, we sing months of the years & days of the week, we hear times tables on a disc. We have days off school when the weather is good to swim on the reef and look at fish, birds and enjoy life as a family…..

What is most important is that there are no tears going to school any more. That there is interest in what is happening in her class. Having a sleep in day after a HUGE dance concert is important. Having a day off because it is a birthday is important. This is what means more to me that any letters on a card to cast judgement on ones achievement and to be ranked beside the next kid.

From now on also we have a bench mark to improve on ever so slightly over the next 11 years to come.

I may of opened a can of worms here but what do report cards mean in your house??


4 thoughts on “A solid Sound/C ~ works well in our house

  1. Hi
    I am with you With my children it has always been as long as you do your best i will be happy As long as you try is what matters
    Having a Aspergers child who was not sports or academically orientated we still expected him to do what HE was capable of If he got a C we were excited If he got a B woop woop party time and $20 A, well a $50 bribe was never paid but would have been a all out party to end all parties We paid him $20 once and it felt awesome A lot of people thought we were wrong but it gave him a incentive to strive for
    He never was really money orientated either
    The daughter who could achieve easy A’s and B’s winged that she never got the same incentives but if she tried she could easily have cost us a fortune She would often bring home a C in the hope we would bribe her but sadly that never happened

    I too believe the occasional day of school to do something with the family and things like that are more beneficial than being so strict the kids hate school

    Luv Deb

    • Thanks Deb – I have read many of your stories and your travels are done along a very long road – some times we feel that our own life is hard and then we read others.. We done to your dedication and commitment…
      Sounds like we have similar ways..

  2. As a teacher, I experience a lot of sleepless nights and stressful school days trying to assess students and collect work samples in order to make an informed judgement of a students’ ability. I then have to make the decision of which letter to put on each subject on their report cards. It is a difficult job, and I often wonder if it is really worht all of the stress. Unfortunately there are many parents who do not take much notice of their students’ report cards and don’t have a huge interested in their childs’ schooling. On the other hand, there are some parents who take report cards too seriously. “Why didn’t my child get an A for Maths? They’ve always been good at maths and we practise our timetables every night!” I attended a Selective High School where students were chosen due to academic merit and was surrounded by teenagers who were not allowed to have social lives and were pushed with threats and bribes to achieve top marks.
    As a teacher I would say that if your child is getting mostly C’s, or Sound, then they are right where they need to be. That is exactly what Sound means. If they are receiving A’s and B’s, well then that’s fantastic, as long as the rest of their life isn’t being compromised in the push for them to be a straight A student.
    It sounds like your children are very lucky to have you as a mum, as you are giving them a whole wealth of life experiences in the activities and adventures you share as a family. All of these things are learning experiences as well, and kids can’t miss out on them! Exploring the wonders of the world, developing relationships and being taught the importance and the value of family are very important lessons!
    So Congrats! And keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. I think my girl’s prep teacher (last year) thought I was a little nuts when I sat at our parent teacher interview and told her I didn’t care if the girl’s learnt nothing at school as long as they were happy.
    I find the reports so loaded with social inuendo…. In ‘my day’ a C wasn’t really that great, but these days a C means they are doing well, at the level they are expected to be at. To get an A you need to be a whole grade level above… which seems like a big ask for most kids, and not something I’d necessarily want for my kids… yet I somehow feel like I have to explain why a ‘C’ is good enough.
    Anyway… ramble ramble… so glad your girl is enjoying school, being happy is the most important thing!

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