Entertaining 101 & SURVIVING!!

In our PRE KIDS life (which sometimes feeling like another dimension!!  or Light years ago) entertaining was something we did so very well. Once the kids arrived life became somewhat harder. Infact I would almost say that anyone outside the “Trusted Circle” coming for dinner made the issue too hard in my mind & would F R E A K me out no end. Unable to think logically, Sweats, Irritable & Snappish !! ARGGHH!!!!

Last night was purely bizzzz – all about boats, engines, gearboxes & sea stories…. what DH does BEST!! I just had to smile… and entertain…. was not about me at all….. BREATHE, RELAX !!! Easy!!!!

Normally the house alone would send me into a flat spin and Chaos Cleaning would start to happen while I start to raise my voice and become so intolerant of the kids mucking ups … instead of helping…. mmmm (sounding pleasant arent I??)
Yesterday I didnt worry about House Overhaul… These were the things that mattered.
* Toys all picked up from the lounge room
* Covers on the lounge straightened
* Dishes sorted & sink shined
* Bench cleared – even if this was to just pile dump it onto the fish tank!!
* Floors vacuumed and steam mopped VERY well

I was not worried about the kids rooms as there were no other kids coming…. It was just ensuring that the kids were the seen and not heard type kids (which ours so ARE NOT!!! )

Clean up for once was orderly and controlled. My only BAD area was the clothes piles, so good, bad, and other were all added together into the laundry and the door closed. EASY !!

Step 2. FOOD

No pre dinner nibbles – dinner was at 7 but they got there at 7.30 – I HATE late people !!!
Menu was Crumbed Barramundi, Salad, Hot bread with Pavlova as dessert
Normally dinner at our place is many dishes of varied seafood with left overs and every one too full for dessert – tonight it was easy …

Table was set with a cloth and table runner with a plant from my window sill as the center piece. SIMPLE.

Fish was crumbed and prepared in the afternoon waiting in the fridge – we use cornflake crumbs, it gives that extra crunch and a great favour.
Salad was made and also in the fridge waiting.
Bread was thanks to Brumbies – Tiger Loaf. This was put into the oven on low once the fish was started so they were ready at the same time.

1 Yummy Dinner served and all was devoured.

Step 3. KIDS

The kids ate before the guests arrived. They had their own fish and salad – kids style with just what THEY each like. They ate that in the lounge while watching the Original Willy Wonka. This was then followed by a late night stay up Toy Story 3!!
Even though DS fell asleep on the lounge, he was quiet and was left there. EASY !!

Step 4. Dessert

Thanks to Woolies I got a Pavlova. I topped it my self with ready whipped cream, fresh rasberries, strawberries & banana in tinned passionfruit that I mixed together. With a plate of chocolates from a box..YUMMMMM

I made this up once I had cleared main and packed the dishwasher.


Most times when we have people over for dinner it is OUT OF CONTROL in my mind. I feel that I am a pressure person but I dont do dinners very well – for me this is PRESSURE.

My secret was that before dinner started I ensured that the sink was clean and that the dishwasher was EMPTY – how simple is that !! Why has nobody EVER told me to do this!!??

When the mains were done I cleared the table and put the plates straight into the dishwasher.
Dessert was devoured with coffees and they were put into the dishwasher.
Our guests left I fitted a few more things in – shut the door and pushed START to wake up this morning to a kitchen that had 2 wine glasses in it, 1 plastic container and a high ball glass !!!

I think I survived Entertaining 101 !!!!!

What are your entertaining secrets ???


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