30 Days of Foto Fun

1st June 2011 I put up a list for 30 Days of Foto Fun

For those of you who have started it & are hanging with me CONGRATULATIONS
For those of you who have started – see how you go this week end in catching up.
For those of you who have thought about starting or have not started yet JOIN IN.

I was shocked at the amount of people taking part in this FUN event. Normally I am writing about the house, cleaning, sorting, CLOTHES – endlessly about clothes…..but this is something where we are all doing the SAME thing and yet totally different.

Have a look at some of the GREAT collections of snaps that have been generated so far

Day 1 – Picture looking down to the ground

Day 2 – Picture of your favorite drink

Day 3 – Picture of your favorite part of the house

Day 4 – Picture of the view from your kitchen window

Day 5 – Picture in a garden

Day 6 – Picture of Happiness

Day 7 – Picture of your family

Day 8 – Picture of your hobbies

Day 9 – Picture of something you could never live with out

Day 10 – Picture of your breakfast

We are 1/3 of the way there – try and work ahead of time just incase that crazy thing LIFE catches up with you and slows you down ..

Happy Snapping


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