Time to DELETE from Facebook

Many of us live in a very technologically (is this a word?) social society. Which is great in so many ways and yet is it ???

I am not a “Friend” collector on Facebook – infact the Private me is infact quite PRIVATE….
I have all of 50 “Friends” on my Facebook page, but I was horrified the other day when I had decided to add a new “friend” who had been waiting to see that my numbers had gone from 50 to 49!!!! I had been DE Friended by some one …..??? Dropped. Dumped…!! ARRGGHH!!!!!!!

I then went through my friend list to see who it was ….. for the life of me I had NO IDEA who had thought of me as an unworthy friend. During this time a thought came to me. I got myself a piece of paper and decided to write out my “Friend” list from Facebook… 1-50 and away I started. I got to 35 quite easily but then started to struggle.

I have to say at this point that any one on my PRIVATE me will know that I dont “GET” the 100-200 or in some cases 500-800 FRIENDS THING???? Who has THIS many FRIENDS that need to know what is happening in their world??

I am not quite sure where or even when society changed. It is now almost the normal to have an open house of thoughts, events, opinions & details with all our kids school friends mums?? Anyone we meet at someones house?? School friends we have not seen in 20 years?? Co-workers?? Anyone we have been with in a course??

Dont get me wrong – I have got some very nice and great supportive friends who since adding them on Facebook we have had late night conversations about things we would have never know about each other, we have giggled together, we have played games together. I have travelled places with them “virtually” & have shared cybernews together. In general though I never feel like I am missing out by not adding people.

Maybe this is why on this fans page is freaks me out some times to have over 700 “likers” who are interested in ME…!!
I guess with a page writing about a topic is different – as a person on Facebook it makes me think of the following…
I might just go next door and see if they are on Facebook and join them up so that I can see what happens in their private life but not really care about them day to day….

So here is my TASK to you for this week end.

  1. Grab your own piece of paper and write YOUR friends list…..mmmmmm interesting thought hey??
  2. Check through your list & LOOK closely at who your selected FRIENDS are and why ….
  3. See if you can CULL – YEAP DELETE 5 % of your “friends” or even 10% if you are feeling ruthless….
  4. Post for me what a FRIEND on Facebook means to you

mmmmm I wonder if I am deleted of some of my friends list ?? I do hope not !


4 thoughts on “Time to DELETE from Facebook

  1. It’s funny this whole friend thing. Once I saw a ‘friend’ at the shops who quickly smiled and walked on her way. I thought it was strange. Why ask to be my FB friend if you’re not going to stop for a quick chat. Got rid of her!

    Yes, a bit of unfriending is good. I have buggered off all my in laws and anyone related to them. Apparently they just wanted to bitch about me having fun while they were just focused on being horrible. Hmmm not what I call friends. Now they see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. Also it was funny how I found out what they were saying about me in their wider circle and when I pissed them off, I got a bunch of messages saying they couldn’t get into my photos etc. Seriously! Happy days for me now anyway. Showed their true colours.

    I’ve got a big family and lots of (for want of a better word) B and C tiered friends (mostly due to being too busy with my own family and life). I find its a great way to still connect and when we see each other its pretty effortless. I could probably cull a bit more, but these days I wait for a friendship request instead of asking for one. If they think I am worth it, they will ask I figure. Sometimes I noticed I’ve been unfriended but I feel that I’ve done that to people for a variety of reasons, so obviously its OK for it to be done to me.

    Also I realise that not everyone has time for phone calls etc and FB is a great way to catch up when you are free. I always like to send little notes and comments to keep ‘it alive’. I’m not a silent stalker.

    hope the wine found you tonight. Did you take my whole bottle!!???

  2. I’m a teacher and I use facebook to keep up with about 60 former students who are now adults. It’s the perfect forum for this. But I would never invade their privacy by sending them a friend request. Each one of them has sought me out and I am thrilled to follow their lives. Some are studying, some are travelling, many are parents and it is just such an honour to be invited back into their lives to cheer them on as adults.

  3. I’m going to go through and do another ‘friend cull’ (sounds so horrific when you put it that way LOL) too. I did it a while back when I started my fan page for my blog – I took anyone I didn’t actually know in real life off my personal FB account and told them to follow my blog page. But there are still a few people lingering on my personal account that probably could go. I rarely use my personal facebook account though and I have it set with lots of restrictions, so even if you are my personal friend you may not be able to see anything I post on my wall anyway.

  4. I am careful about what I post on facebook because I have over 200 “friends”, but I’m not an oversharer anyway. I use facebook as a networking tool and a place to share ideas and sometimes as a social experiment. I am under no delusions that these people are all my besties. I know that people use facebook differently to other people so when I get unfriended (if I notice) I tend to think that someone on my friends list is like you and was just doing a friend cull, nothing more, nothing less. And I’m ok with that. Or they got sick of me spamming my blog all over the place. I’m ok with that too.

    Because I am living in a country away from my home, I have a lot of contacts on my list that are just keeping in touch. I don’t have too many real friends because I have lived here for only 4 years and most of that time in the isolating position of stay at home mum.

    The only reason I have unfriended people is if they are posting things that are at complete odds with my values. Anything racist or homophobic usually gets the flick if the “discussion” in the comments section doesn’t go well. And one time I unfriended someone because she bored me and also couldn’t spell, but that doesn’t happen often. I was probably pre menstrual.

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