Smart phone is SMARTER than me

With today’s technology we do things that keep our mind active. We take on new challenges…

Things like this – creating a blog – took some trial and error but now second nature. I have always taken MANY photos every single day, never just one or 2 of any event that I go to, you can place money on it that I will have enough photos to create an album from start to finish. Last week in 2 days we saw 3 rainbows and NO camera arrgghh. Since I am also dancing I wanted to enter the world of iPods…. so that I can dance around with my music playing and not distrub Winks on tv or Thomas’s latest show…

I decided that since I am so NOT an (i) person, hating even (i)rons, that I would up grade to a SMARTphone instead….Phone, Internet, APP’s (this excites me I Love lists), camera & music all in one. EASY – they must be…. ? I thought that this way I could have my music & a camera & phone all in one for the one cost ~ Happy Birthday to me .

I plugged in the phone and charged it up – leaving the house, I put the phone on my lap – which is its travel place while I drive…. With in minutes of the day starting while on the way to kindy before school it rang. First it was lucky to be heard as its tune was very radio like and blended in but secondly, I couldnt answer it …. I was trying to answer it, pushing on the green button, pushing pushing pushing – getting more and more worked up over this new SMART phone,….. maybe it is a Smart Ar*e phone… or was (i)dumb? It was the workshop so instead I knew how to dial on it so I called them back used the speaker and had it sorted. At kindy I confessed my sins and discussed my lack of smart skills…. OH EASY said one of the teachers – slide the green dot to the side… mmmm – OH OF COURSE !!!! I thought I was too smart for the (i)nstructions.!!!  Well after 3 days of clicking, waiting, restarting, trying again…. I think I am almost a SMART operator…but WOW it has stretched its luck with me this new guy.

After all that I have been playing around with it and I have found out another reason why I am glad I have it – for the kids…. games & videos on this will surely make dinner out far easier – minus the sharing fights – I will be happy with the anti social children at the table as long as they are happy. Or is this bad parenting? If it works it means we might actually go out more than once in a blue moon.

SO – I have found this GREAT App that I want to share with you for all Android users.

CHORE Checklist – I LOVE IT !! & its FREE !! Nothing is free is it ??
It is just like my Weekly Plan but I now dont have to think !!
Bi Weekly
Monthly Lists…

You can alter, change, edit, delete each and every item on the list. I think this is going to become my new BEST thing that I will be doing and Getting Sorted, I just need to customise it to suit me and then I will post the list I have created from it as per my Weekly List to help any one who needs help. Well worth a look.

One more to share with you – I am on the final days (well heres hoping) of being home alone…. I have done some thing like 30 days alone in the last 45 ….. So now you will know why Anxiety was on my list the other day..Check out this great app

De-stress Free Relax
Having something right there to stop and relax with is exactly what I need on tap – only short but a reminder and calmer.
Only very short but there are others in the range.

Then of course the kids have been playing Kart races, Angry Birds RIO, Fruit slice, Ant squash & Kids Doodle YEAH !!

What are some of your favorite APP’s for Androids?


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