Meal Planning Monday – Tuesday 24th May

I thought I was some what under control at the moment – but some how being LUNCHTIME Tuesday I have forgotten to post about the week of food we have munched our way through…??



Meat & Veg


Pickled Pork in the slow cooker with mash, veg & white sauce


Lasagna – I use Mountain bread instead of pasta – it is SOOOO much lighter in your tummy to eat and tastes great !!


Left over Lasagna for us
Kids had Chicken wraps with avocado & cheese


MACCAS mmmm not a favorite but we had a change in plan today by adding an extra sport in so it became a bit of a juggle…


Pizza & Champagne with my sister – havent seen her for 6 days so there is ALWAYS plenty to chat non stop about !!
Takeaway from Pizza Capers


Eggs on Toast – I LOVED how so many people liked this album!!


Spag Bol from freezer

I also link up with The Organised Housewife – call over to see what she had this week as well


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