37 Things about ME!!

This morning I am up early and bearing my soul to my followers…

As a private me on FB, I have a very close circle who I feel very safe with posting absolutely anything with as they all have my back & I am selective in who I be friend. As a FB Fan page mmm this opened one new can of worms to me. Having now over 600 people reading about my crazy antics – most of whom I dont know – this is some times a hard thing for me to deal with and yet I enjoy it. I love how you can have a group of like minded people all chatting and putting ideas together and yet I dont know 99% of you at all. Mind you each and every new person who I have join I wonder about who you are, if you have kids, what job you do and where you come from. Yet I am happy to invite you into the WORST parts of my house & expose myself.. with out your interest I wouldnt be writing this post before the sun is up and while the children sleep soundly – SO THANKS.

With my FB page I follow lots of interesting pages and more so I am like a fly on the wall in so many different houses. I LOVE what I read. I have just written this on a wall this morning but will also write it here. The more we all think we are so different the more we are all the same. With 1 child or 10 we travel the same days, have the same battles and come out with the same results. We all have our struggles, all slightly different, but yet once we open the door we all have the same cracks, they are  just relevant to us. We all have the stresses of Work, Finance, Family &  Life. For all of us it is not one BIG thing normally but a load of little things that all added together push us over the edge of what some times feels like Insanity. Breathe & know you are normal.

It is my Birthday on the 30th & I will be 37 so I thought I would share with you 37 things that you would not normally know about me.

  1. I like to crochet – I havent done it much since the kids were born but I do love to make rugs with coloured wool
  2. I dance, Hip Hop & Jazz – this term I have taken on more than I should – I am doing 2 classes and being greedy with the ME time. Next term I will be happy with just one class a week….
  3. I LOVED reading the Twilight series – I am not a reader at all but couldnt put them down
  4. I enjoy taking photos – some times they work well and other times I have no idea but I do enjoy taking 100 pictures and getting 1 great shot – thank god for the digital era
  5. I hate sand and sea air when at the beach…. in saying that we have 2 big boats and 1 little boat and we work on boats – my picture at the bottom is out on the ocean it is different when out on a boat – dont ask why.. hahah
  6. I LOVE Brown Brothers wines – but I do write about drinking more than I drink – I buy 1 bottle a week and that works well
  7. When I was little I use to get fresh white bread chicken loaf sandwiches for lunch with soft soft whites and crunchy crusts and I LOVED this
  8. When I was 11 our mum passed away and I use to think I was too little to care but my sister and I miss her each and every day & I think this becomes more so the older we become
  9. Favorite Dinner …. I LOVE Beef Wellington with a gravy sauce and mash potatoe. Infact while I am writing this I am thinking that I dont have a FAVORITE dinner … there are many things I do like, we eat a great variety that I take for granted like the HUGE amount of fresh seafood every week
  10. Each morning my Delongi turns on at 6.30 and I love the coffee that it makes me – white with 1, would rather it to be a frothy milky one but some times more practical to just go flat white
  11. I have freckles…… yeap I am fair and freckly
  12. I am a bookkeeper for our business and have done this for 15 years or so but I also use to be a vet nurse, gaining my diploma in this and then teaching this for TAFE
  13. I HATE getting my hair wet – if swimming in the pool I will keep my head above water
  14. I am a great starter but a shocking finisher
  15. I get EXTREMELY BAD anxiety when home. DH works away a lot and goes Hunting and Gathering a lot so I am home with the kids & I hate it
  16. I am the WORST good byer in the world…. TEARS TEARS everywhere
  17. I hate being home alone – I am very reliable – I will be there in a flash if needed to do something
  18. I normally run ahead of schedule – rarely am I late and if I was I would be STRESSING about it
  19. I dont stop to smell the flowers enough, not until I hit a wall from the constant full steam ahead – a bit like I crash & burn
  20. I dont have a lot of friends ,I have several very close friends – my sister being my dearest friend
  21. I screen my calls – I hate to answer the phone and will only answer it if I need to
  22. I send SMS’s ALL the time & cant live with out my phone – infact I think I need to up grade it as I have broken the camera in it and I hate that !!!
  23. Our dad lives here with us
  24. We are a Toyota Family
  25. Dont follow sports but will watch it like a good wife when needed to
  26. I use to own and ride horses
  27. I am messy – but I am trying to stop that
  28. I always get told how nice my teeth are, us girls are very lucky that we have great teeth and never had any work, another thing I take for granted
  29. I love nothing better than just pottering around the house in my PJ on a Sunday to then get changed out of them Sunday night and into another pair and back to bed – this is a rare occasion
  30. I LOVE the feel of fresh hotel sheets
  31. I am the worlds WORST water drinker & so I set my alarm on my phone to go off every lunch time to remind me but 9 out of 10 times I just push stop and dont drink any water. I can go all day with out water I do think I am part camel
  32. I wear browns, greens, oranges
  33. I have found out I have this weird phobia that I need to have closed in shoes on out side as I am worried something will sting or bite my feet – thanks for calling this a Phobia Anita hahahaha
  34. I LOVE my Maui Jim sunglasses
  35. I have a small family, including direct extended family but we are very close & this means more to me than anything
  36. I LOVE being a mum and there for the kids but I do struggle with the fights, yelling, screaming & tantrums and I want to some times just chuck my own tantrum to feel better
  37. Our family names are Michelle but I like to be called Shelly – Chelle, Greg, Lily & Matty

AARRGGHHH Do you have ANY idea how hard that list was to create with out phoning a friend or asking the kids. I am going to ask the kids to add to this list so will up date you on that –  I am sure it will be amusing…..
Life is never about me – so to think of things about me, that mean some thing to me – mmmmm – hard because not even I knew these answers. In fact I wanted to stop at 5 !!

I would LOVE to know 5 things about you …..!!


11 thoughts on “37 Things about ME!!

  1. I will be 43 on the 31st, so as a fellow Gemini, we share a lot of similar traits. You are right tho, the more different we think we are, we are all very much the same. Happy Birthday

  2. I loved this post!!!!
    I 100% agree with you – I love being a mum but the tantrums and fights really get old quickly (i have a three and nearly two year old who fight over EVERYTHING)
    urrrrm 5 things about me?
    1. I feel being a mum completes me. Ive wanted to be a mum since i can remember! Its hard but i love it
    2. If i didnt have kiddies running around all day my house would be ALOT cleaner!!!!!
    3. I am always crazy busy either with the house, kids or work. Most days i wish i could take a big nap!
    4. I LOVE being home all day every day. I dont crave to go anywhere and when i do go out i cant wait to get home.
    5. Im a very anti-social person. I love nothing better then being at home with just my hubby and kids. If i have to do something (which is the next two weekends 😦 ) i dread it!!!!!!!!

    Loved this post 🙂

  3. ok….

    1. I am a Mum!!! 31 year old Mum!!! 3b, 1g. My stepdaughter is 9, my 1st born son is 4, my 2nd born son is 3 and my 3rd born son would be 13 1/2 months but was stillborn at 36 weeks. We want more kids, although we don’t plan them, just let them happen. All 3 boys were traumatic births, but that’s a story for another day.

    2. I am not my 27 year old husband’s Mum. i don’t mind if the floors are dirty and not clean enough to eat off everyday. But we are always washed, dressed in clean clothes and fed.

    3. We have just uprooted from Brisbane to Mt Isa, 1800ish kms. Because of better work for my husband. We were both raised in the same suburb, spent over 20 years there, but never crossed paths. I think, no i know I’m happy to be in a place where nobody knows me and i don’t have to face ‘reality’ if i don’t want too. There’s noone to ask me everyday how i am and want me to be ‘fine’ not just saying I am.

    4. Major things happen every 2 years for us. Even years.
    ’02 K my stepdaughter was born.
    ’04 D&I met, fell in love and married, 6 months after
    our first kiss!!!
    ’06 M our 1st son was born.
    ’08 L our 2nd son was born.
    ’10 J our 3rd son was born and died.
    so what’s ’12 going to bring???

    5. Here’s an odd one; I am completely star (the shape) obbsessed!!!! Anything that is star shaped or has stars on it I have to have. Doesn’t matter what I HAVE TO HAVE IT!! I have star sheets on all the beds, everyone, hubby too, has at least 7 pieces of clothing with stars on them, star plates, bowls, cutlery, wall hangings, cushions, stickers, pens, pencils, paper, scrapbooking stuff, car seat covers, soaps, linen, bags, anything I can get my hands on, and yes we have even had star printed toilet paper.

    That is 5. Slightly edited while typing, after crying writing at the breakfast table.

  4. So nice to meet you Shelly!
    Well here goes 5 Random Things about me:

    1. I still have a secret crush on Captain Von Trapp from ‘The Sound of Music’. I watch it with my 3 little daughters and my cheeks blush when he comes on screen (don’t tell my hubby!!!)

    2. If I ever cut a vein, I’m sure coffee would pour out of it. Coffee addict.

    3. I eat Nutella/Milo straight out of the jar/can with a spoon

    4. I met my husband at a Bachelor Party (and, no, I was not the entertainment!)

    5. I am currently obsessed with all forms of interior decorating and design.

    Hey, that was hard! I don’t know how you managed to get to 37!
    Have a wonderful birthday!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  5. WOW! I was amazed that so many were similar to me. OK 5 things about me:
    1. I live in the UK with my family – hubby, and 3 beautiful children, aged 14, 10 & 5.
    2. I am a druid – and no i do not have a long white beard or dance naked around stonehenge!!!! But i do love nature and can often be found with the family wandering around a forest!!!
    3. The older i become (i am 40) the more scared of life i sometimes feel, so i have made a promise to myself to continue to do things that scare me – this year i have started running so that i can do the 5KM Race for Life (charity for cancer) in July.
    4. I love cooking, knitting, gardening – i hate the tv!!
    5. I also struggle every day to have an organised house – mostly due to children following me and making a mess again!!!!

  6. 5 things about me:
    1.I turn 37 in October.
    2.I want to buy acreage more than anything so I can have chickens and horses and veggies…
    3. I used to be a horse riding instructor.
    4. I am taking hip-hop classes, and although challenging it’s fun!
    5. I just started working part time, no longer full time, so I can study and spend more time with my family and have rediscovered my love of being a mum.

  7. Great post, thank you for sharing. mmmmm 5 things, this will be hard.

    1. I’m scared silly of dying. Scared because of what I will miss out on, yet I get so caught up on the rut of life that I don’t live each day to the fullest. I have had this fear for as far back as I can remember yet no-one knows of this fear.

    2. I am mum to 2dd and 1ds. I had mild pnd after dd1 partly due to hubby having to go away away with work soon after her arrival, partly because being a control freak and a first time mum didn’t gel right, partly because she wasn’t a boy. We didn’t know what gender we were expecting we just thought she was a boy. After 2 girls both of whom I adore with all my heart, we decided to try for baby number 3 and we got our son, life is sweet.

    3. If I don’t have a coffee before 10am then my day is shot and I need 3 to make up for it. And I will not drink instant coffee

    4. Wish I had the time and energy to put out more lol

    5. I hate body hair on men and women. Hair belongs on heads only lol

  8. I love reading your blog and I’m so glad that I’m not the only person in this world trying to achieve some state of organisation in my household.
    Ok 5 things about me
    1. I was born in April and my name is April and yes I have suffered many years of teasing and most people think its funny. The story behind it, my grandma named me, my mum was just 15 when she had me and I really think she didn’t realise what she had gotten herself into.
    2. I’m an aries and I really believe that I have my stars signs traits through and through.
    3. I’m an only child. I liked it as a child, but now having my own children I have realised that they don’t have any aunts or uncles on my side of the family.
    4. I met my husband on a blind date which was organised through my high school sweet heart. Yes that’s a story for another day.
    5. My family is complete! We have what I call the ‘text book’ family. A family of four. 2 adults, 2 kids, 1 daughter and 1 son.
    6. I have always wanted to start my own blog, but don’t know where to begin.

  9. Nice to meet you! Hmmmm 5 things about me, thats kinda hard but here goes….

    1. I always had poor taste in men, hence probably why I have been married and divorced twice. I always had this picture in my head of Prince Charming but could never find him. I stumbled into husband number 3 by accident on an online dating website, we will be married for 6 years in June and you know what? Price charming really does exist!

    2. I am a mom to 7! No I didnt give birth to them all but raise them all each day. I have a son and daughter for my previous marriages (they only good things that came out of them) they are 20 and 16 respectively. I have 3 step sons who live with us full time ages 20, 16 and 12. I am also proud mom to very energetic 3 year old twin girls. So that makes 7. And I havent ruled out adding another or 2 to our family just yet 🙂

    3. I am a nurse by profession and have been for 17 years but am currently enjoying my fairly new full time job as a stay at home mom, been doing this since I got pregnant with the twins. Although I do also help hubby run our heating business from home, doing bookkeeping and phone calls.

    4. I call my twins my “million dollar babies”. No they havent cost me a million dollars (not yet anyway)but they were conceived in a dish otherwise know as invitro-fertilization which we had to pay out of pocket for. The first time was unsuccessful the second time was a double success but between the 2 tries it cost us about $60,000.00 not to mention the cost of having 2 babies and starting from scratch, then future expenses may just add up to a million dollars…LOL

    5. I love camping! Growing up in an upscale town camping to me was a weekend at a posh hotel. Hubby is a little bit of a country boy so we started camping together and I love it. TO me its quality time spent with my family of 9, who could ask for more!

  10. your blog is one of my favourites 😀 …wow I don’t think i could think of that many! glad you only asked for 5…so here goes it
    1.. I am 22 .. i always forget my age and it can take me forever to work it out
    2.. My husband and I have 2 girls, Ava 4 & Ivy 19months
    3.. I live in cairns
    4.. I could not go through a day without my hubby, our girls, my family and coffee
    5… I want to become a Kindy/Prep teacher, hope to start my studying by the start of next year 😀

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