Sorting the Kids Rooms

Ok that should read Sorting my Sons Room – as my Daughters Room is WAY too hard. Clothes Clothes and more Clothes – but I will climb it, like any good mountain……

Each week starts & I think SURELY I cant over load the bin today ?? BUT Each & Every week I am wrong, come Tuesday night I SQUEEZE in the last bag I can and I even sneak across the road & use the neighbours bin…. (they know). I also think each & every week – we might keep things in their place THIS week…. 😦 but that isnt THIS week.

 Firstly thanks to all of you who gave me some very helpful and useful tips with sorting the kids rooms out.

Here is how I tackled the task….

  • Make sure the kids arent around – this can be VERY useful but wasnt the case for me
  • Group all like items together, Track with track, Trains with trains, – this will allow you to find the pieces that go together and more so it will bring up the weird Mac Donalds toys that can be tossed, or the weird alien driver from the thing you tossed last time…… heheheh
  • Put like items into separate containers
  • Broken pieces, This with missing pieces TOSS

Since DS is freshly 4 he is SOOOO into Thomas – one of the things we did was decide which version of the THREE styles he loves the most.
Take Along Grey Track was the keeper. We have a HUGE box of trains that go with this as well as a bunch of stations, yards etc to play with this.

I kept all things separate

  • Track
  • Trains
  • Larger items ie Shed, Station etc

Apart from THOMAS he does have other things so these were grouped together and kept in different containers all neat and tidy and together.

Before – from the doorway as this was the furtherest I could get in !!

Here are some pictures of how his room finally looked once I got it SORTED !!


4 thoughts on “Sorting the Kids Rooms

    • Yes it is a great bed – the wooden part at the bottom is also storage for his lego trains…
      It was hand made – we were very lucky to of received this instead of it going to the tip !!!
      Do a search on here for “bedroom” and you will see it on that page even clear.

  1. Wow – that looks good. Just a tip I have found very good – I did the same thing recently, went through the kids rooms and I have 3 girls, was starting to think I might beed a skip for the crap I took out of their rooms. I now go in each room with them once a week and go through everything, being boxes or shelves and it is usually done in about 10 min. The kids have a chart and they have to keep it tidy the rest of the week. Hope this helps….

    • THANKS heaps I love getting feedback.
      I love your ideas – I think this is why I find this room so easy as he is new into there since Jan and so we have culled his toys regularly each time we clean up – where as DD she has stuff in her room since the day she was born… but I do promise you will get to it. We have got charts that I need to revise but the kids have been to naughty to even start them again lately …..

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