Appliance Cupboard SORTED !!

Very slowly I am sorting all corners of the kitchen.

I have done the following

WOW – I am now even inspiring my self – I have thought about each and every area as I have created this list by virtually opening them in my mind !! All by UNDER the sink is done ….!!
This corner cupboard that has the Appliances in it was left. So over the week end I made a coffee and sat down on the floor with a box to fill.

“Doing this one today” was the remark from DH – as he walked out the back yard to have a ride from Man Land….. His hard hard job of mowing the lawns on the ride on. I can very safely write these things because my Man is completely from the untechno Man Land. Infact almost prehistoric Man Land – where they grunt, scratch, eat, sleep and exist while the world moves on around them. Infact SO MUCH in Man Land that he even Baby Sits his children….. lucky he is on my good list – because this is sounding like  Bad Husband day – which is not the case – so be kind with remarks… hahahah

SO – back to my mind tour of the kitchen.

I worked out that on the night of the Royal Wedding that I had this HUGE stash of platters and plates all in a bottom cupboard here that had been forgotten about some where in the kitchen clean over. So it was time to cull, sort and decide what was lucky enough to stay.

Staying on my LOVE list are

  • Electric Frying Pan
  • Electric Skillet
  • Slow Cooker – LOVE IT
  • Double Flat Sandwich maker – we use this endlessly in winter for Toasties

Not so much loved but lucky to stay

  • Electric knife
  • Hand held electric Blender

Will be re looked at – as I think they should go !!

  • Stand up Blender
  • Barmix

VASES – mmmmm – on the day I was married 13 years ago – I think I have been lucky to of got mmmmm I would hate to guess …… 5 bunches of flowers at the most …. before then I use to get flowers all the time … things change with marriage… so due to this I had I will say 8 vases for that just in case. I did have a crazy thought that I might go out and buy enough flowers to fill them all today and fill the house with flowers but the cost would be HUGE – so I tossed them instead.


This morning when I opened up this cupboard to put some things away
it was great to not have to balance things in there – they fitted well and more so had a place.

YEAH another place sorted !! What appliances do you actually use in your kitchen cupboard??


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