Meal Planning Monday 16th May 2011

The month of April was sooo busy with the Organise-athon that I didnt have much else to do but sort, clear, declutter and type about them every single day. During this time I didnt get the chance to do the things that I have set up and in place. Like my Weekly Planner & my Meal Planning Mondays.

So time to get back on the horse..

 Sunday – Mothers Day

Special request was Seafood creamy pasta made by DH – my favorite – NOT TONIGHT !! He has not made this for some time and it was not his best…..


Seafood Pies – we used the left over sauce from last nights dinner to make pies – THEY WERE THE BEST !!


Spag Bol – we use angel hair pasta – we are a thin pasta family not a thick pasta family


Chicken Schitzel, Mash & Fresh veg


Rib Fillet, Coleslaw, Tomatoe & Avocado


Fresh Barra, Daddies finest chippies, tinned spaghetti & eggs – we laugh that is DH ever went on a cooking show (as he is a great cook) that this would be his signature dish…..


Chinese takeaway


Stir fry

We eat all fresh veggies nothing frozen at all – at the end of each week from now on since it is getting colder – I will be making a stew to clear the fridge out or even a soup… I love the warmth of winter food…

Check out another great meal plan here


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