April Challenge – 30×5 Intro

Over 6 months ago when I first started out on my mammoth task to get the house organised I subscribed to Michele Connolly – Get Organised Wizard. I regularly read and follow emails that are sent through with out too much fuss – sometimes things that slip under the radar, but then I saw this great Challenge…. 30×5 !! What did this mean?

For the month of April – starting today – it means that she will be posting a 5 minute task to do every day for the next 30 days…. mmmmm … At this very stage with the kids sound asleep and DH gone off fishing for Barra for the day, while the sun still sleeps – EASY!! We all have 5 minutes to spare….

In a weeks time when I have miss 3 days and completely off track, ask me then.

Here is the secrets:

  • I am a GREAT starter
  • I am a SHOCKING – finisher
  • I DONT follow through
  • I lose interest easily

So for these reason I decided to share this challenge with you and decided that I would be writing about it on here. Big, small, 1 line or many – with pictures or with out – then at least I should have your support to get me through.

5 Minutes does sound so very very easy and we can all find 5 minutes to check emails, or wash our hair or read the mail. So I am hoping this will work. Fingers, legs and thoughts ALL crossed for luck.

What scares me is that she might ask to tidy the Garage – ARRGGHHH – call in the skip and block out a week!!
Or she might say – sort out the DVD’s – mmmmm – what pile !!! We have too many!!
The other thing is that during April is Easter which for us means time to relax and go camping – but here is my plan already. I will catch up all missed – Really 6 days only means 30 minutes to sort to get back up to date !! ?? Well heres hoping..

Any way I am going into this with the out come to clear out some clutter & to sort things I have yet to think of touching.. So come along and join in with me and let me know how you are going. I will link to her page and post them most days when I can. There are prizes and things also to be won – so ensure if you are joining in that you post on her tasks each and every day.



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